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Picasso Triggerfish

Species of marine blowfish

The Picasso triggerfish (Rhinecanthus aculeatus) is a species of marine blowfish. It inhabits coral reefs and is kept in aquariums. 1)

Multicolored arrangement of streaks and spots

The body of the fish has a multicolored arrangement of streaks and spots reminiscent of Pablo Picasso's sketches, hence the usual species epithet. 2)

Studies of color vision in fish

Picasso's Triggerfish has been used in studies of color vision in fish. 3)


For too long “peeping” Picasso can “chase” the diver, nibbling or biting him with quite big teeth (8 at the top and bottom). This attack is not dangerous but can be a real surprise for the unsuspecting diver. 4)


Note that these fish can move vertically or hover like a helicopter. 5)

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