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Philip K. Dick

Precursor of weird fiction

Philip Kindred Dick (born December 16, 1928, in Chicago, died March 2, 1982, in Santa Ana) is an American science fiction writer who had a significant influence on the development of this literary genre. He is also considered to be one of the precursors of weird fiction. 1)


Most of his works are about sociological topics and often involve politics. In his novels, oppressive regimes and very strong corporations are very much present. 2)

The Man in the High Castle

This novel takes place in an alternate universe. The United States is ruled by the Axis powers after losing World War II. It is the only book by Dick to win a Hugo Award. 3)

Jane Charlotte Dick

Phillip K. Dick had a twin sister. They were both born 6 weeks ahead of their scheduled due date. Jane Charlotte Dick survived only 6 weeks, a particularly grim joke of fate (she died on what should have been her birthday). The memory of his twin sister took a heavy toll on Phillip's life and work. 4)

Five wives, three children

He had five wives and three children. Phillip K. Dick's personal life was quite turbulent, which most likely has to do with his mental disorder and addictions. His first marriage lasted only six months, and none lasted a decade. 5)

Paranoid schizophrenia

Phillip K. Dick most likely suffered from paranoid schizophrenia, which may explain both his turbulent personal life, strange public appearances, periodic isolation from people laced with fear, aggressive behavior toward those closest to him, and peculiar sensory experiences (having delusional characteristics). Dick himself speculated about his potential illness. 6)

20 minutes of Blade Runner

Dick only managed to see 20 minutes of Blade Runner before his death. The part he did see he liked very much. 7)

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