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One Of The Most Isolated Cities In The World

The city of Perth in Australia is the most isolated city on the planet. Surrounded by an inaccessible desert, it is 322 kilometers away from the nearest city. 1)

Kings Park

Kings Park is the most recognizable place in Perth - one of the largest parks in the world, located in the heart of the city. It is four hundred hectares in size. 2)


Quokkas are adorable kangaroo animals that have been making a dizzying career on Instagram. Small, looking like a perpetually smiling rat/kangaroo mix, the pets can be found easily on the fantastic Rottnest Island. Quokkas only live in Western Australia. 3)

Margaret River

Some of the prettiest beaches in Australia are found in the Margaret River region, but the area is known primarily for its good wines. The somewhat Mediterranean climate creates great conditions for growing grapes. 4)


Fremantle is a port town affiliated with Perth. It sits on the Swam River estuary to the ocean and, primarily, for this reason, was one of the first places settled in Western Australia, around 1830.5)

Little Creatures

Little Creatures is a local beer, now known throughout Australia and beyond. It started from a small brewery in Fremantle, and today the company processes millions of liters of this beverage. 6)

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