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One of the most expensive perfume ingredients has little in common with beautiful and graceful flowers. Ambergris comes from the digestive tract of a sperm whale and is excreted as a result of the indigestion or constipation of the animal. Floating on the water, ambergris is thrown to the shore, where its lumps are collected 1)


The first perfume was created as early as 4,000 years ago, as evidenced by the wedge plates from Mesopotamia discovered by archaeologists. A woman named Tapputi is considered the mother of the perfume. She was recognized as the first chemist and creator of the first perfumes. She was supposed to work in the palace with the scientist Ninu and manage perfume production. 2)

The Nose

Behind every bottle, there is also a so-called nose — the person who creates the fragrance. This is a professional perfume creator who invents the composition themself or creates it on request. Noses can name and recognize about 1500 different fragrances. The most famous expert in the field of perfume was Ernest Beaux, the creator of Chanel No 5. This fragrance has existed since 1921. 3)

Cleansing coffee

A popular myth is that coffee can be not only an attractive ingredient of the fragrance composition (that is true) but that its most important task is a kind of “odor zeroing”, which can happen to a saturated nose. 4)


Tuberose is a white flower with a stunning scent causes that induces uncontrolled muscle spasms in men. This physical reaction has its source in the aphrodisiac effect of tuberose scent. 5)

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