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One of the most expensive perfume ingredients has little in common with beautiful and graceful flowers. Ambergris comes from the digestive tract of a sperm whale and is excreted as a result of the indigestion or constipation of the animal. Floating on the water, ambergris is thrown to the shore, where its lumps are collected 1)


The first perfume was created as early as 4,000 years ago, as evidenced by the wedge plates from Mesopotamia discovered by archaeologists. A woman named Tapputi is considered the mother of the perfume. She was recognized as the first chemist and creator of the first perfumes. She was supposed to work in the palace with the scientist Ninu and manage perfume production. 2)

The Nose

Behind every bottle, there is also a so-called nose — the person who creates the fragrance. This is a professional perfume creator who invents the composition themself or creates it on request. Noses can name and recognize about 1500 different fragrances. The most famous expert in the field of perfume was Ernest Beaux, the creator of Chanel No 5. This fragrance has existed since 1921. 3)

Cleansing coffee

A popular myth is that coffee can be not only an attractive ingredient of the fragrance composition (that is true) but that its most important task is a kind of “odor zeroing”, which can happen to a saturated nose. 4)


Tuberose is a white flower with a stunning scent causes that induces uncontrolled muscle spasms in men. This physical reaction has its source in the aphrodisiac effect of tuberose scent. 5)

Kind of skin

Dry skin absorbs essential oils more quickly, and they volatilize quickly. Therefore, moisturized and oily skin enhances the fragrance of perfumes and prolongs their effect. 6)


Perfume ingredients don't smell the way you think they do. Some of them are quite similar in smell to the plants from which they are derived, but a large number of them have a surprising scent. For example, the concentrated volatiles of basil essential oil are completely unlike the aroma of herbs added to mozzarella cheese. 7)

Essential oils

In addition to their powerful aromatic properties, essential oils also have broad therapeutic effects. Most of them are antiseptic, improve mood and relieve various physical ailments. 8)

Pure DKNY Verbena perfume

In Pure DKNY Verbena perfume, admittedly, you'll find basil, but the distilled herb, reduced to a concentrated oil, combined with verbena flowers, creates a blend reminiscent of the scent of grass and cucumber. 9)

The most expensive perfume

The world's most expensive perfume is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records and costs more than £8,000 for 30 ml. This is perfume No.1 by Clive Christian, which was created in 2001, but it took the designer as long as 6 years to create it. He used the most expensive ingredients - pure ylang-ylang or 50-year-old sandalwood and Tahitian vanilla. Only 1,000 flacons of this perfume come out every year. 10)


As many as 35,000 substances make up the aromatic world of perfume. 11)

Escentric Molecules

Geza Shoen has created some of the most famous niche molecular perfumes from Escentric Molecules. He proved that just one synthetic substance, and a well-known one at that, can create the perfect fragrance. 12)

Molecular art

Molecular art involves skillfully combining substances to produce a particular scent. This is how, for example, perfumes with the scent of cut grass or strawberries are created, without having such ingredients in them after all. 13)

Perfume perception

Despite the many unisex fragrances that should delight both ladies and gentlemen, gender differences mean that they will instinctively choose different notes. 14)

Smell of Apple hardware

The world's most modern fragrance is the smell of Apple hardware. 15)

Chanel No. 5

The world's most famous fragrance is Chanel No. 5, about which there are many legends. It was composed as much as 90 years ago. The story of its origin is also interesting. Well, it was created due to an overdose of aldehydes in the formula. 16)

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