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Brad's Drink

In 1893 Pepsi was launched as 'Brad's Drink' on the market. For the first five years following 1898, the name was preserved and renamed “Pepsi-Cola”. 1)


Pepsi-founder, Cola's Caleb Bradham, was the proprietor of the pharmacy. Initial drinks were meant for those with digestive difficulties or stomach issues. The term “Pepsi-Cola” was derived from pepsin, digestive, kola, vanilla, sugar and kola nutrients. 2)

Motorized Vehicle Delivery

In 1908, Pepsi-Cola became the first vehicle delivery firm to provide soda-based beverages. It was an enormous step for the company to modernize the way the cars were delivered to motor vehicles. 3)

Soviet Union

In 1972, Pepsi was the first product on the market in the former shop shelves of the Soviet Union. In 1959, Nikita Chrushchev was shown at the trade fair in Moscow to try and enjoy the soda. The precedent was created. 4)

First 2 Liter Bottles

Pepsi was the first business to offer bottles with a capacity of two liters. In the 1970s, Nathaniel Wyeth created the bottles. Pepsi was the first firm to adopt them and sold their 2-liter soda bottle in 1976 across the world. 5)

Not Only Beverages

Pepsi's soda is known to most soft drinkers. Pepsi, though, isn't just a beverage business. PepsiCo holds a plethora of other products that few are familiar with. 6)


The present firm PepsiCo is a result of the merging of the crisp behemoth in 1965, Pepsi-Cola and Frito-Lay. 7)

Pepsi VS Coca-Cola

There was a probability that the Pepsi-Cola and Coca-Cola would compete for a gigantic soda brand. Pepsi gave Coca-Cola the option to purchase it three times between 1922 and 1933. All three invites were rejected by Coca-Cola. 8)

Skywriting Mode

The first brand to be published in skywriting format was Pepsi-Cola. This was the case at the 1939 New York World Fair. 9)


Pepsi was the to hire first black sales executives. The firm was trying to promote the procurement of the market for Afro-American households. 10)


In more than 200 nations globally, Pepsi products are consumed every day. Pepsi is North America's largest food and drink corporation. 11)

Close End

Bradham's bet to store sugar when prices climbed in the belief that the trend would continue backfired, as the commodity's prices finally plummeted. Bradham declared bankruptcy in 1923, and Loft Candy purchased the firm eight years later. 12)


In the 1990s, Pepsi mascots (Pepsiman) were featured in television ads in Japan.13)


Pepsi products come in a variety of flavors, including cola drinks, citrus sodas, and dietary brands. Pepsi tests multiple formulae and marketplaces to create goods that are most suited to the region or country in question. 14)


Pepsi has over 500 patents, one of which is for a tennis racket. 15)


There have been 11 Pepsi logos during the previous 122 years. The present famous globe emblem first appeared in 1950. The script logo was put to a circular bottle cap with red, white, and blue swirls as a graphic. In the 1960s, the word “cola” was removed, and the script was replaced with bold lettering. 16)

Take The Pepsi Challenge

PepsiCo organized a blind trial between Pepsi and Coca-Cola in 1975, dubbed “Take the Pepsi Challenge.” People were blindfolded and asked to sip Pepsi and Coke from a white cap before deciding which one they preferred based on flavor. The majority of people preferred Pepsi over Coca-Cola. 17)

Cola Wars

Pepsi is well-known for employing the “Cola Wars” as a marketing and promotional tactic. In 2011, an ad depicted Santa Claus and Uncle Benny (a polar bear) rejecting Coca-Cola in favor of Pepsi. 18)

American Flag

The Pepsi colors were introduced to symbolize the American flag: red, white, and blue. It was established during World War II to aid American troops and the war effort. 19)

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