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High altitudes

The areas that are inhabited by the giant panda are bamboo forests with altitudes as high as 13000 ft. In winter, the altitude that it inhabits decreases slightly. 1)


Although this animal belongs to the carnivorous family, it also largely eats plant shoots (mainly bamboo), as well as fish or small rodents. 2)

Up to 25%

Great pandas digest only up to 25% of the food they eat. 3)

Living in mountain ranges

The occurrence of the giant panda is in the mountain ranges that are located in China, Sichuan or Gansu. The climate in which this animal life is cool and humid. 4)

Males are heavier

Individuals of both sexes are very difficult to distinguish, but the male is on average slightly heavier than the female. The female is lighter than the male by about 10 or 20 percent. 5)


Panda fur is white or yellowish with black borders. This makes the animal able to camouflage itself in the bamboo covering. 6)

Distinctive black borders

The distinctive black borders around the panda's eyes are created in such a way that it is difficult to distinguish their expression. The pupils in the panda's eyes are vertically aligned so that they resemble those found in the eyes of cats. 7)


Although the giant panda eats mostly plants, its digestive system is typical of carnivores. For this reason, among others, it is classified as a carnivore. 8)

Bear family

The great panda is a member of the bear family, and its closest relative is the Andean bear. 9)


The gestation period of the giant panda lasts from 97 to 163 days. 10)

Extra thumb

The giant panda's paws have a sixth toe that is opposite the other toes. This is an adaptation to better grip bamboo stalks. 11)

Standing on hind legs

Great pandas can stand on their hind legs, but they cannot move in this position. 12)

National animal

The giant panda is the national animal in China. 13)

Red pandas

Another species of pandas is also the red panda. Names for this species also include little panda, red panda, and lesser panda. It is a species of a prey animal that belongs to the panda family. 14)

Endangered species

The red panda is considered an endangered species. 15)

Red pandas are social animals

The red panda lives mostly in pairs or in small family groups. 16)

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