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Orient Express

Luxury trains

The Orient Express is a brand of extraordinary trains. The first luxury train set off in 1883 from Paris to Giurgiu in Romania, passing through Munich and Vienna. 1)

The first trip

The first train trip could be made in 1883, but it was not the most comfortable. Why? Unfortunately, the journey to Constantinople was not direct. In Giurgiu, travelers had to take a ferry across the Danube and in Ruse change to a less luxurious train, which went to Constantinople via Varna. 2)

The luxury of war propaganda

In 1914, the train service was suspended. Germany, as the country that led the war, wanted to show its power and prestige. For propaganda reasons, instead of the Orient Express, the Balkan Train ran from Berlin to Constantinople in 1916-1918. 3)

Carriage no. 2419

During both world wars, Orient Express trains were suspended; nevertheless, one of the carriages no. 2419 witnessed special events. During the First World War, it was in this car that the German delegation signed the armistice. During the Second World War in the same carriage, the capitulation of France was signed in 1940. 4)

Murder on the Orient Express

The Orient Express is the setting of numerous books or films, these include works such as Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express and the movies based on the crime novel by Mrs. Christie. 5)

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