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Omega Watches

Richard Nixon

President Richard Nixon was offered a yellow gold Omega Speedmaster but declined. Nixon thought the watch was too valuable and couldn't take it. 1)


When Omega was founded, it was not known as Omega Watch Company or Omega. This was a name that caught on later. 2)


Louis Brandt founded Omega in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland in 1848. 3)

Louis Brandt

Louis Brandt was 23 years old when he founded Omega. Brandt began by assembling pocket watches from parts that were supplied by local craftsmen, and the rest is history. 4)

Family Business

Louis Brandt's two boys agreed to join him on his voyage in 1877. 5)

New Mechanical Watch Movement

This watch movement was the pinnacle of precision at the time. The movement was simple to repair and maintain. The movement was named the “Omega Caliber.” Because of the Omega Caliber's international popularity, the watch firm became connected with the Omega name. 6)

Name Change

The company's name was changed from Louis Brandt & Fils to Omega Watch Company in 1903. 7)

Geneva Observatory

In 1931, Omega took first place in every category at the Geneva Observatory time trials. This victory had a significant impact on Omega's reputation as a prestigious, top-tier watchmaking brand and marked the beginning of Omega's emergence as the manufacturer of the most accurate timepieces on the market. 8)

Ralph Plaisted

Ralph Plaisted was the first man to reach the North Pole, and Omega was the first watch to reach the North Pole as well, as he wore an Omega on his wrist. The expedition used Omega Speedmasters to get to the North Pole. The trip took place in 1968. 9)

Omega Was The First Watch To Reach The Moon

This is unquestionably one of the most famous facts regarding Omega watches and their history. Buzz Aldrin wore an Omega Speedmaster during the NASA space exploration mission. The Omega Speedmaster was worn on Buzz Aldrin's wrist when he walked on the moon. Neil Armstrong did not wear a watch when he walked on the moon. Astronauts continue to use the Omega Speedmaster to this day. This historical moment is incredibly significant in Omega's history and has substantially contributed to Omega's renown. 10)

Omega Seamaster

The Omega Seamaster model was initially introduced in 1948. The Seamaster was launched to commemorate Omega's 100th anniversary. The clocks introduced as part of their Seamaster series, on the other hand, were inspired by the timepieces created expressly for the British military and navy by Omega. 11)


Omega's chronograph was so precise that it was used to measure time at the Olympics. 12)

James Bond Wore Omega In the Majority Of Films

While James Bond has worn a variety of watches in the movies throughout the years, including Rolex, Omega has been tied to Bond's wrist in the bulk of the flicks. Sean Connery's favorite watch brand was Omega; however, he did wear a variety of other watches. However, when Pierce Brosnan took on the character of James Bond, he wore a Seamaster on his wrist, and Bond has always worn an Omega clock since. 13)

Co-Axial Escapement Movement

George Daniels, an English watchmaker, designed the movement in 1999. When it was originally introduced, Omega was the first firm to effectively mass-produce the co-axial escapement movement. The Co-axial movement released was the Omega Caliber 2500. 14)


All Omega timepieces equipped with the Co-Axial Caliber 8500 are COSC-certified chronometers, indicating their excellent precision. 15)

Caliber 8500

In 2007, Omega released an improved version of its Co-Axial movement. This movement was the Caliber 8500, which had reduced friction, excellent mechanical efficiency and exceptional performance. 16)

Magnetic Field Resistance

Omega used a unique approach compared to its competitors. Rather than developing a case that would guard against magnetic fields, Omega created a movement that would not be impacted by magnetic fields of up to 15,0000 gausses (1.5 teslas). 17)

Moon Watch

The Speedmaster Professional has been known as the moon watch since Buzz Aldrin wore one when stepping on the moon in 1969. 18)

James Bond 50th Anniversary

The James Bond 50th Anniversary Collector's Piece was released by Omega in 2013. It was a Seamaster Diver 300M watch that was part of a limited edition. 19)

Last Letter Of The Greek Alphabet

The letter omega stands for accomplishment and perfection. Many people believe Omega possesses these traits. Especially when their groundbreaking and high-precision Omega caliber was released. 20)

Winter Olympics

Omega was named the official sponsor of the Winter Olympics in 2006. Omega, like the regular Olympics, continues to play this function to this day. 21)

Omega Seamaster 300 Spectre

Omega introduced the Omega Seamaster 300 Spectre Limited Edition in 2015. The Spectre Seamaster was the first publically available timepiece designed specifically for James Bond and worn in the film. 22)

"Silver Snoopy" Speedmaster

Omega introduced a limited-edition “Silver Snoopy” Speedmaster in 2015. This is a very popular piece today, and it was created to commemorate Omega's role in the safe return of the Apollo 13 astronauts 45 years ago. 23)


The dial aesthetics on the dashboards of Italian cars served as influence for Omega's first Omega Speedmaster. 24)

Speedmaster Name Came From The First Tachymeter

The 27 CHRO C12 mechanical movement, sometimes known as the Omega 321 or Lémania 2310 movement, was used in the first Speedmaster model. 25)

First Time In Space

The watch was worn by a Swiss-born American astronaut, which was fitting given Omega's own origins. On October 3rd, 1962, Walter Schirra was not given a watch, so he took his own watch with him on his journey. 26)

First Tourbillon Wristwatch

With the Calibre 30I, Omega manufactured the first ever tourbillon wristwatch mechanism in 1947. 27)

Armstrong And Omega

Neil Armstrong didn't wear his Omega watch when he walked on the moon. Buzz Aldrin was the only one who wore his Omega Speedmaster. The reason for this was because the clock within the Lunar Module had broken during the journey. As a result, Armstrong replaced the clock by hanging his Omega Speedmaster Professional in the Lunar Model. Buzz Aldrin's watch was stolen a few months after the lunar mission. 28)

British Royal Flying Corps

In 1917, the Royal Flying Corps of the United Kingdom opted to use Omega timepieces as their official timekeepers for their combat units. 29)

Most Expensive Omega Ever Sold At An Auction

The stainless steel Tourbillon 30 from 1947 was the Omega watch that was sold at that auction. This tourbillon lasted 7.5 minutes. It was the first and only watch of its sort, and it was created in 1947. The watch was estimated to be worth between 100,000 and 200,000 Swiss Francs at first, but it was eventually sold for CHF 1,428,800. 30)

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