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North Dakota

Lowest Unemployment

North Dakota has the nation's lowest unemployment rate at 3.2%.1)

Biggest Hamburger

At Rutland, North Dakota, the biggest hamburger ever consumed was consumed. More over 8,000 guests were invited to the supper, and it weighed 3,591 pounds.2)


North Dakota durum wheat is used to make the majority of the pasta in America. Each year, Grand Forks has a sizable pasta celebration in appreciation of the harvest.3)

Best-Run State

North Dakota was named the nation's best-run state in 2012, according to the rankings.4)

Can't Dance In A Hat

In Fargo, it's against the law to wear a hat while dancing. Even at a gathering when people are dancing, hats are prohibited.5)

Can't Sleep With Shoes On

Furthermore prohibited in North Dakota is napping while wearing shoes.6)


In Devil's Lake in North Dakota, using fireworks after 11 p.m. is prohibited.7)


Maza, North Dakota's smallest city, with a population of just 4. There are no towns or settlements in North Dakota. No matter how little, every location is formally a city.8)

Least Visited

One of the least visited states in the union is North Dakota.9)

Most Sunflowers

North Dakota is the state where the most sunflowers are grown.10)


There are around 25 billion tons of lignite just below the surface of western North Dakota, which is enough to meet the region's coal demands for more than 800 years.11)


The Sioux term meaning “friend” or “ally” is Dakota.12)

Famous People

Musician and bandleader Lawrence Welk, baseball hero Roger Maris, journalist and pundit Eric Sevareid, novelist Louis L'Amour, singer Peggy Lee, actress Angie Dickenson, and actor Josh Duhamel are just a few well-known North Dakotans.13)

Pancake Feed

Fargo, North Dakota, hosted the world's biggest pancake breakfast in 2008.14)

English State Language

English became North Dakota's official state language when a law was approved there in 1987.15)

Bank of North Dakota

The Bank of North Dakota is the only state-owned bank in the nation, and it is located in North Dakota. There is a state-owned flour mill there as well.16)

Farms And Ranches

99.5% of the natural grassland in North Dakota had been converted to farms and ranches by the year 2000.17)


The prairies of North Dakota were formerly home to sizable herds of bison.18)

Lewis and Clark

North Dakota was the location where Lewis and Clark spent the most time during their voyage.19)

Snow Angels

For the most snow angels built simultaneously in one location, North Dakota holds the Guinness World Record. 8,962 persons created snow angels on the grounds of the state capital on February 17, 2007. They broke the previous record of 3,784 established the year before at Michigan Technological University.20)

Square Dance

The square dance was designated as the state folk dance of North Dakota in 1995. The French quadrille is one of the European dances that is included into square dancing.21)


Almost 12 million city blocks would be covered in agriculture in North Dakota. There are enough wheat harvests each year for 12.6 billion loaves of bread.22)


Each year, farmers in North Dakota produce enough meat to manufacture 113 million hamburgers. In North Dakota, there are around three times as many cattle as humans, with Angus being the most common breed.23)


The state building of North Dakota is 242 feet tall. It is the third-highest capital in the nation and the tallest structure in North Dakota. On December 28, 1930, the old capital was completely destroyed by fire.24)

Canola Oil

Canola oil produced in North Dakota year is equivalent to 19 times the height of the state capital's 19-story tower.25)


The 19th-largest state in terms of area is North Dakota. It is, nonetheless, the fourth-least densely inhabited and third-least populous state in the United States.26)


The nation's greatest proportion of people who attend church are found in North Dakota. In comparison to other states, it also has the most churches per capita.27)

World's Largest Buffalo

The “World's Biggest Buffalo” may be seen in Jamestown, often known as Buffalo City, in North Dakota. The statue is 46 feet long, 26 feet tall, and 60 tons in weight.28)

White Cloud

Underneath the World's Largest Buffalo monument, a herd of bison, including a rare albino bison known as Mahpiya Ska—Lakota meaning “White Cloud”—graze.29)

39th State

In 1889, North Dakota was admitted as the 39th state. On the same day as South Dakota, it was admitted. President Benjamin Harrison signed both statehood papers without knowing which one was the first since both states desired to be the first to be admitted. Yet because North Dakota comes before South Dakota in the alphabet, its proclamation was released first.30)

Very Little Forest

North Dakota has the least percentage of forest land of any state at less than 1%.31)

Rhode Island

The smallest American state, Rhode Island, could fit 46 times within North Dakota.32)

Pierre Gaultier de La Vérendrye

First Europeans to explore what is now North Dakota were led by French Canadian explorer Pierre Gaultier de La Vérendrye.33)

Sugar Producer

Third-ranked in the nation for sugar production is North Dakota.34)


David Henderson Houston, a resident of North Dakota, created the camera in 1887. He gave it the name Kodak by rearranging the first four letters of Dakota and adding a “K”. Later, he sold George Eastman the rights to the Kodak camera.35)


The names Flickertail State, Roughrider State, and Peace Garden State have all been given to North Dakota.36)


One of the coldest states in the US, temperatures fall below zero degrees Fahrenheit on average 65 days a year close to the Canadian border and 35 days a year in the state's southwest.37)

Geographic Center?

North America's geographic center, according to Rugby, North Dakota. The real center, according to scholars, is closer to Balta, which is located 15 miles to the southwest of Rugby.38)

Movies Made In North Dakota

Dakota (1945), Fargo (1995), and the documentary My Father's Garden were all filmed in North Dakota (1996). There were no sequences from the popular picture Fargo shot there. Furthermore, the film was largely based on two real occurrences that occurred in Minnesota, not North Dakota. Nonetheless, the movie's wood chipper is currently on exhibit at the Fargo-Moorhead Visitor Center.39)

Sheep Research

North Dakota is home to the country's largest state-owned sheep research facility.40)

Only One Abortion Clinic

North Dakota has only one abortion facility and is ranked as the worst state for women in the country.41)

Fastest Growing State

North Dakota was the fastest-growing state in the United States in 2012. The increase was primarily attributable to an oil boom in the Bakken regions in the state's west. The state surpassed Texas to become the second-highest oil-producing state. Despite its oil boom, agriculture is remains North Dakota's leading business.42)

Wildlife Refuges

North Dakota has the most national wildlife refuges (63) of any state.43)

Long Winters And Hot Summers

North Dakota experiences lengthy, hard winters and brief, scorching summers. Its two weather extremes were observed in 1936: -60° F in February and 121° F in July.44)

Lawn Mower Racing

Lawn mower racing is one of North Dakota's oddest sports. When mowers are tailored, they may achieve speeds of 60 mph, as opposed to 5 mph in the backyard.45)

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