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New Zealand

Island nation

New Zealand is a small island nation located in the Pacific Ocean. It consists of two main islands - the North Island and the South Island - as well as a number of smaller islands. 1)

The Sovereign

The head of New Zealand is Queen Elizabeth II. 2)


Payments in this country are made in New Zealand dollars. The common name for this currency is “kiwi”. 3)


The highest peak of this state is located in the Southern Alps and it is Aoraki or Mount Cook. 4)

Flag of New Zealand

The current flag of New Zealand was adopted on March 24, 1902. In the upper left part of the dark blue rectangle is the Union Jack (the flag of Great Britain) referring to the country's colonial past (the area was formerly a British dominion). To its right are four stars referring to the Southern Cross, which refers to New Zealand's location in the southern hemisphere. 5)

Two anthems

New Zealand is among a small group of three countries with two official national anthems. 6)

Women voting rights

It was the first country in the world to grant women the right to vote in parliamentary elections. This took place in 1893. 7)


The New Zealand island of Niue has also introduced coins with the image of Pokémon into circulation. 8)


Kiwi is a flightless bird living in New Zealand and one of its symbols. For many, it is also a lifestyle. People who are kiwi do not care about anything, are cheerful, problems in the world are not their concern and they are not workaholics. 9)


In New Zealand, cigarettes are very expensive. 10)

Not as close to Australia

New Zealand is not as close to Australia as it may seem. The distance between these countries is over 1500 miles. 11)

Four official languages

The country has four official languages - English, Maori, New Zealand, and sign language. 12)

Registering car

Registering a car in New Zealand is extremely easy and takes about 5 minutes. All you have to do is fill out one form at the post office and mail it in. 13)


About 31 million sheep lead a peaceful life in this country. That's more than 7 times the number of people. 14)


The Kākāpō is a flightless parrot that has a nocturnal lifestyle and lives in New Zealand. It is estimated that only 100 representatives of this species are currently alive. 15)

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