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New Hampshire

First Independent State From Britain

The first American colony to proclaim independence from Great Britain was New Hampshire in 1776.1)

First To Have Its Own Constitution

The first American colony to have its own constitution was New Hampshire.2)

Name Origin

The English county of Hampshire inspired the naming of New Hampshire. The name was chosen by a British businessman who provided financial support for the colony's growth but who never traveled to North America.3)

Mount Washington

The highest peak in New England USA is Mount Washington, which may be found in New Hampshire's White Mountains.4)

Mount Monadnock

One of the most popular mountains in the world to climb is Mount Monadnock, which is situated in Eastern New Hampshire.5)

Granite State

Although the state of New Hampshire is officially known as the “Granite State” due to its history of granite mining, its sand, gravel, and semiprecious stone mines are today considerably more well-known.6)

Other Nicknames

In addition to the Granite State, which is its most well-known moniker, New Hampshire also goes by the moniker Mother of Rivers, White Mountain State, and Switzerland of America.7)

The Union

One of the original 13 American colonies, New Hampshire was the ninth state to join the Union.8)

The Old Man of the Mountain

The Old Man of the Mountain, a rock structure that resembled a man's face and was one of New Hampshire's most well-known monuments, is no longer there. In 2003, the well-known granite formation crumbled.9)


New Hampshire also has a state tartan, which is a fabric design made up of particular colors organized in bands in a particular order, in addition to their official state flag.10)

Shortest Coastline

New Hampshire’s Atlantic seacoast is only 18 miles long — the shortest of all of the coastal states in the United States.11)

League of New Hampshire Craftsmen

The League of New Hampshire Craftsmen founded and continues to hold the oldest crafts fair in the country in New Hampshire.12)

Paul Revere In New Hampshire

Paul Revere traveled to warn the colony of British forces coming to secure a fort there four months before the 1775 night ride that made him famous, turning into a local hero in New Hampshire.13)

Wind In Mount Washington

Mount Washington in New Hampshire has had surface wind speeds of 231 mph (371 kph), which is comparable to Category 5 hurricane and F4 tornado winds.14)

Roosevelt Nobel Prize

A resort on the coast of New Hampshire was the site of the 1904 discussions that led to the conclusion of the Russo-Japanese War and President Theodore Roosevelt receiving the Nobel Peace Prize.15)

First Forest Conservation

The first forest conservation association in the US was founded by a group of residents in New Hampshire.16)

Healthy Air

In contrast to the 104 average for the entire country, just 14 days a year in New Hampshire are considered to have bad air quality.17)

Earl Tupper

Earl Tupper, a native of New Hampshire, not only created the Tupperware brand of airtight food containers, but also gave the world fingernail decals and dish drying racks.18)

Sons of Liberty

The Sons of Liberty raided a British fort in New Hampshire in 1774 and stole its ammunition and gunpowder. This marked the start of the American War of Independence.19)

Bratlle Organ

The oldest continuously playing pipe organ in the US, the 1662 Brattle organ, is located at St. John's Church in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.20)

Library of Congress

The Library of Congress, which was once the biggest structure in the world when it was finished in 1897, was made from 350,000 cubic feet of granite mined in New Hampshire.21)

First Free Public Library

In 1833, Peterborough, New Hampshire, opened the nation's first free public library.22)

Famous Residents

Franklin Pierce, the 14th president of the United States, Robert Frost, and J.D. Salinger were all notable residents of New Hampshire.23)


The nation's longest and oldest covered bridges are found in New Hampshire.24)

Mary Baker Eddy

Mary Baker Eddy, a native of New Hampshire who started the Christian Science movement in the 19th century, emphasizes spiritual and mental approaches to curing physical illness.25)

First Presidential Primary Elections

The first presidential primary elections have been held in New Hampshire for more than a century, allowing residents of that state to have an impact on the results in the rest of the country.26)

Lowest Crime Rates

New Hampshire was ranked first in the US for having the lowest crime and imprisonment rates in a 2019 study.27)

Higher Education Price

When it comes to the price and availability of higher education degrees in that state, New Hampshire comes in at number 46 out of 50 in the country.28)

Alan Shepard

The first US astronaut to venture into space was Alan Shepard from New Hampshire.29)

Christa McAuliff

The first educator in space was S. Christa McAuliff, also from New Hampshire, who perished in the Challenger accident.30)

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