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Can be consumed

Nettle can be consumed as a salad dressing, among other uses. To avoid burning, it should be scalded with hot water. Histamine and formic acid are responsible for nettle's stinging properties. Both of these substances deactivate at a temperature of approximately 140 degrees Fahrenheit. 1)


Nettle leaves and stems contain many healthy and valuable compounds: flavonoids, organic acids (formic, acetic and others), β-carotene, vitamins A, B₂, B5, C, K, mineral salts (especially iron, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium), chlorophyll, acetylcholine, tannins, B-sitosterol, enzymes and silicon and calcium compounds. Additionally, nettle is often recommended in vegetarian diets due to its high protein content (up to 24% in dry matter). 2)


Nettle can also be made into a tincture. The leaves are poured with a spirit and put away in a dark room for two weeks. 3)

Cattle feed

Nettle is used as a feed additive for cattle and poultry. It improves the yield of milk cows or laying hens. In addition, it is also used in gardening, where it works well as a natural fertilizer. 4)

Treatment of many diseases

Nettle is widely used in the treatment of many diseases. Among other things, it stimulates water excretion from the body, thus causing flushing of the kidneys and lower urinary tract. It is used to treat kidney stones and cystitis. 5)

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