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Netflix was launched on August 29, 1997 in Scotts Valley, California by entrepreneurs Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings.1)

First Name was the original name for Netflix.2)

First Netflix Original

The very first 'Netflix Original' was a brief piece of abstract test film.3)

Free Subscription

Employees of Netflix receive a free subscription to the service.4)

DVD Rental Launch

The Netflix website went live on April 14, 1998, with 925 titles available for rental.5)

Monthly Subscription

The monthly subscription option was introduced in September 1999.6)

Calling Customers

Netflix executives used to call customers and users in the Los Gatos region to find out how they liked the service.7)


Netflix offered Blockbuster, a service provider that rents movies and video games, a $50 million buyout in 2000. Blockbuster refused this offer.8)


Netflix conducted its first public offering (IPO) on May 29, 2002.9)

First 1 Million Subscribers

The number of Netflix customers hit one million in April 2003.10)

Video Streaming

Netflix announced the start of video streaming services on January 15, 2007.11)

Billionth DVD

Netflix sent its billionth DVD in February 2007.12)


In addition, the corporation opted to move away from delivering DVDs and instead create video-on-demand services accessible over the internet.13)

Original Content Creation

In 2018, Netflix spent around $12 billion on original content creation.14)

850 Originals

Netflix provided 850 original content titles in 2016.15)

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