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Swiss food company

Nestlé is a Swiss food company founded by German pharmacist Henri Nestlé. The company is headquartered in Vevey, in the canton of Vaud, Switzerland. Nestlé is a leading company in food production. 1)

Nestle Is a Lifestyle Brand

Nestle is a balanced lifestyle brand that has items for every stage of life. Nestle has goods used by every age group, from infancy to adulthood. In 2014, their new endeavor was skincare. 2)

Nescafe Used to Be a Drink for the U.S. Military

Nescafe as a brand was relatively new during World War II, but it became one of the staple beverages of the U.S. military also during that period. Today, Nescafe is among Nestle's most popular items. 3)

World War I Helped Nestle To Become A Successful Brand

During the First World War, there was more demand for dairy products. Nestle became a very successful brand, and its factories doubled by the end of the war. 4)

It Has a Main Stake in L’Oreal

Surprisingly, Nestle is one of the main players in L'Oreal, the cosmetic business.5)

29 Labels of the Company have annual revenues of over $1 trillion

Brands including Nespresso, Kit Kat and Nesquik account for annual sales of more than $1 billion and are Nestle's highest-selling brands. 6)

It had it's name changed many times

Nestle, established as the Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Co., has in the past undergone a few name changes, such as Condensed Milk Co. and Alimentana S.A. Nestle. 7)

The Company Employs Over 300,000 People

That is real! Across all of the Nestle brands, there are currently approximately 335,000 workers. 8)

The bulk of its workers live in Asia, Oceania, and Africa

Nestle has most of its employees in Asia, Oceania, and Africa in terms of the regional breakdown of the company's workers. A remarkable 39.1 percent of Nestle's employees are based in these three regions. 9)

Baby food was the first product it sold

Nestle was known as the Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Co. in 1866. The very first product that the company produced was the Infant Cereal of Henri Nestle, which was sold in 1867. 10)


Maggi, a producer of seasonings and soups, was purchased by Nestle in 1947. 11)

The world's largest ice cream maker

After purchasing the Greek firm Delta Ice Cream in 2005 and Dreyer's the following year, Nestle became the world's largest ice cream manufacturer. 12)

Reduction of sugar

The company announced in early 2017, in line with the company's efforts to make a transition to healthy foods, that it would reduce the sugar content in Yorkie, Aero and Kit Kat by 2018. The announcement also stated that the sugar content of breakfast cereals in the United Kingdom would also be decreased. 13)

Sweet Earth

In September 2017, Nestle acquired Sweet Earth to further its transformation. Sweet Earth is a company based in California that manufactures plant-based foods. 14)

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