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Musical Instruments


The marimba is a musical instrument from the idiophone group. In its ethnic version, it is a primitive variety of xylophone with resonators used in southern and central Africa and Central America. In the version used by classical percussionists, it is an instrument with very high timbral and dynamic capabilities used for solo playing, in ensembles and for performances with symphony orchestras. 1)


The crumhorn (meaning curved horn) is an ancient wind musical instrument in which the sound source is a double reed. The horn may be of various lengths, but it is always curved upwards in a shape resembling the letter “J”. The bend is only decorative and does not affect the sound. It was commonly used in Renaissance music. The instrument is also used in modern folk music, rock (Gryphon band) and heavy metal (e.g. Haggard). 2)


The balafon is a traditional West African percussion instrument, still very popular today in countries including Burkina Faso, Gambia, Guinea, Mali and Senegal. It is a variety of xylophone in which dried calabash fruits are used as resonance boxes. Often in the calabashes, one can find holes sealed with a thin foil that acts as a membrane, which gives the sound a specific buzzing sound (traditionally very dense spider webs were used to make the membranes). 3)

Hurdy gurdy

The hurdy-gurdy is a stringed instrument that usually has three to eight strings. The player's right hand turns the crank and the left hand presses the melodic keys from below. The crank moves a wheel that, as it turns, rubs the strings just like in other string instruments. The instrument was popular in medieval and Renaissance music. Today it has become popular with many musicians. The hurdy-gurdy was played by Brendan Perry (Dead Can Dance) in the song “Severance,” among others. The instrument plays the mainline in the song “Low Man's Lyric” by Metallica. 4)

Jew's Harp

The Jew's Harp is a metal instrument that produces sounds from the vibration of a springy plate placed in the mouth. It is usually made of metal, with European instruments made of steel, while Asian instruments are made of bronze. Sometimes, in Indochina and Alaska it is made of wood, bamboo or other materials. 5)

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