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Yasujiro Ozu

Chishū Ryū collaborated with Yasujiro Ozu on 52 films, 34 of them as an actor (including in all of the director's postwar films). He most often played leading and supporting roles. 1)

The Amanda Award

The Amanda is awarded annually at the Norwegian International Film Festival in Haugesund, Norway. The award dates back to 1985 and has been exclusively a film (not television) award since 2005. 2)

24 frames

The term “animate in two” means to animate at 12 frames per second. The standard number of frames in a movie is 24 per second. In an animated movie, each frame is created separately. When animating for two, only 12 frames are created and each frame is duplicated. 3)

Palme d'Or

The first female director to win the Palme d'Or at Cannes was Jane Campion. In 1993, Chen Kaige's “Farewell, My Concubine” and Jane Campion's “The Piano” were selected as the best films of the festival. Until 2016, no other female director had repeated the New Zealander's success. 4)

"Guiding Light"

“Guiding Light” was the longest-running television series in the world, airing from February 25, 1937, to September 18, 2009. The series was broadcast for 72 years: 15 years only on radio, four years simultaneously on radio and television and 53 years only on television. A total of 18,262 episodes (radio and television) were produced. The title refers to the lamp in the office of Dr. John Ruthledge, the main character when The Guiding Light debuted in 1937, which was supposed to show people the way. Throughout the years of the series' existence, its symbol has been a lighthouse. 5)

"Nick's Film"

Wim Wenders has received numerous awards for his documentaries. “Nick's Film - Lightning Over Water” was his first and tells the story of his collaboration with the dying of cancer director Nicholas Ray (author of the cult classic “Rebel Without a Cause”). The picture premiered in 1980, much earlier than Wenders' other documentaries. 6)

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