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As large as California

Morocco is about as large as the American state of California. 1)


Moroccan money is called the dirham. 2)


The original inhabitants of this region are the Berbers. 3)

Inhabited since the Paleolithic

Historical data suggests that Morocco has been inhabited by humans since the Paleolithic period in prehistoric times. 4)

Blue houses

Blue houses in Chaouen are famous for their unusual color. Do you know why they are blue? Jewish refugees painted the color because they believed it kept mosquitoes away. 5)

Take off your shoes

If you are invited to a Moroccan home, don't forget to take off your shoes. 6)

Drinking green tea

Green tea is the most popular drink in the country. Some people drink tea at any time. 7)

Mount Toubkal

Mount Toubkal is the highest mountain in the country and the highest peak in North Africa. 8)

French protectorate

Morocco was a French protectorate in the early 19th century, but never a full colony. 9)


Moroccans speak a dialect of Arabic known as Darija. It is a mixture of Arabic, Berber, and European languages. 10)

King Mohamed VI

The ruler is a king and his name is King Mohamed VI. He is married and has two children, Prince Moulay Hassan III and Lalla Khadijah. 11)

Sahara Desert

The Sahara Desert covers much of Morocco. 12)


The most famous Moroccan food is couscous, a dish that is typically eaten on Fridays - the Islamic holy day. 13)


The most popular sport in Morocco is soccer. 14)

Donkey's market

The main means of transportation in Morocco is the donkey. There is a market in Rissani for buying and selling donkeys. 15)

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