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4.51 billion years ago

The Moon formed about 4.51 billion years ago, about 30 to 50 million years after the solar system formed. 1)

Conspiracy theories

There have been many conspiracy theories surrounding the achievement of the American space mission. Many people believed that neither the walk nor the landing on the Moon ever happened. The whole thing was supposed to have been recorded in one of the movie studios in Hollywood. One of the main arguments was an American flag flying because there is no wind on the Moon. NASA tried to fight such opinions and presented counter-arguments. At this point, it is worth noting that in 1969 the Americans had the technology to send a man to the Silver Globe, but not the technology to fake a landing on it. 2)

Six flags on the Moon

A total of six flags were flown on the surface of the Silver Globe, five of which are still standing today. Interestingly, due to solar radiation, the American flags are currently white. During the first historic mission, a flag purchased at a local Sears store for $5.50 was flown. 3)

Piece of the plane

When Neil Armstrong first walked on the moon, he had a piece of the Wright brothers' first plane with him. 4)

Trained in Iceland

The Apollo mission astronauts were trained in Iceland because it was thought that its terrain most closely resembled that of the Moon. 5)

Moon's rotation

The moon's rotation - the time it takes to rotate once on its own axis - takes the same amount of time as the moon takes to complete one orbit of the Earth or about 27.3 days. This means that the moon's rotation is synchronized in such a way that the moon shows the Earth in the same hemisphere at all times. 6)

Dark side of the moon

The dark side of the moon does not exist. Both sides of the moon receive the same amount of sunlight, but only one side of the moon is seen from Earth. 7)

Earth had no moon

At the beginning of its existence, Earth had no moon. At some point in Earth's early history, a planet, larger than Mars, struck Earth. Immediately, most of the planet and a sizable chunk of Earth were vaporized. The cloud rose to an altitude of more than 22,000 kilometers, where it condensed into countless solid particles that orbited the globe as they merged into larger and larger moons, which eventually merged into a single moon. 8)

Moon has no atmosphere

The Moon has no atmosphere. The Moon's surface is unprotected from cosmic rays, meteorites, and solar winds and has huge temperature fluctuations. The lack of an atmosphere means that no sound can be heard on the Moon, and the sky always appears black. 9)

The distance

The distance between the Earth and its moon averages about 384,000 kilometers (238,855 miles). The diameter of the moon is 3476 kilometers. The mass of the moon is about 1.25%j the mass of the Earth. 10)


Moondust smells like gunpowder. That's what the astronauts claim. 11)

Twelve Americans

Only 12 people walked on the moon. They were exclusively American citizens. 12)

High-speed Internet

There is high-speed Internet on the moon: 19 Mbps. 13)

Shaped like an egg

The moon is not round - it is shaped more like an egg. 14)


Lunar quakes, which occur several kilometers below the Moon's surface, may be the result of the Earth's gravitational pull. 15)

More computing power

Your cell phone has more computing power than the computers used for the Apollo 11 moon landing. 16)

Apollo 11 tapes

The original tapes of the Apollo 11 moon landing were erased by mistake, by re-recording something else. 17)

Flags on the moon

Flags placed on the moon are now white due to solar radiation. 18)

Piece of the Wright brothers' plane

When Neil Armstrong first walked on the moon, he carried a piece of the Wright brothers' first airplane with him. 19)

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