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Domestic buffalo milk

As much as 11 percent of the world's milk production is domestic buffalo milk (goats are in third place with 2 percent). Buffalo milk contains more fat and protein than cow's milk, so more cheese and butter can be made from it. The largest producers of buffalo milk are India and Pakistan. 1)

Humans began drinking milk on their own

Humans likely began drinking milk on their own, based on the experience gained from feeding newborns. Since mother's milk provides babies with rapid growth and development, it can provide it to anyone; at least that's what the people living at Lake Turkana in Kenya thought around 12,000 B.C. Since donkeys, cows and goats were already domesticated, this moment can be considered the first time humans drank milk from another species. 2)

Cleopatra's bath in sour donkey milk

Cleopatra, famous for her beauty, supposedly owed her allure to her daily bath in sour donkey milk. 3)

Contains all the essential nutrients

Milk is the only product that contains all the essential nutrients for survival.4)

Batman recommends

Drinking milk was recommended by Batman himself in the 1960s. 5)


Cow's milk takes about one to three hours to digest, while goat's milk takes only 20 minutes. 6)

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