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Employee nonreaction to an earthquake

During the 2001 earthquake, the Microsoft employees in Seattle only left the building when they got a message on their computer screens saying, “Alarms going off! Please evacuate the building! Have a Wonderful Day!,” ignoring the vibrations, klaxons and flashing lights of the alarm system. 1)

Microsoft earns more from cloud than from Windows

Since 2019, Microsoft is earning more from cloud services (mostly Azure) than from Windows or any other traditional product group, including hardware. Moreover, Azure revenue grew 48 percent, while Windows OEM licenses fell 5 percent for the quarter ending September 2020. 2)


Linux is currently the most often used operating system image in Microsoft's Azure platform. 3)

Microsoft Celebrates Anniversaries With M&Ms

Each work anniversary, a Microsoft representative is expected to bring one pound of M&Ms for every year they've worked. That implies if Bill Gates observed the tradition, he ought to have turned up with 33 pounds of M&Ms on June 27, 2008. 4)

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