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Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan's Phobia

A tragic event in his youth led to a phobia of water in his lifetime. When he was 11, he nearly drowned himself at the baseball camp. He's not relaxed on boats or around large bodies of water even to this day. 1)

Jordan Is A Mechanic?

Until he started his high school year, his father told him to be a mechanic, for anyone who worked with their hands still had a nice career. Jordan had a senior year breakthrough in basketball, and his career changed direction. 2)

NCAA College Player of the Year

Jordan was named the NCAA College Player of the Year in 1983 and 1984.3)

U.S. Olympic basketball team

Jordan was been chosen as a player for the U.S. Olympic basketball team first time in the summer of 1984. The team won the gold medal at the Los Angeles Games that year. 4)

Jordan Joined Chicago Bulls

One year shy of graduation, Michael Jordan was selected third overall in the 1984 NBA Draft. In 1984, he joined the Chicago Bulls. 5)

Baggy Basketball Shorts

Jordan is credited with the origin of the baggy basketball shorts fad. He needed bigger shorts because he wanted to continue wearing his University of North Carolina Tarheel shorts under his Chicago Bulls jersey for each game. 6)

His Airness and Air Jordan

Soon Jordan debuted as a basketball league star, and he entertained audiences with his prolific ability to score. His high jumps, seen by making slam dunks from the free throw line during the slam dunk competitions, won this young player the nicknames “His Airness” and “Air Jordan.” 7)

Jordan's Achievements

Jordan won six NBA Championships, 14 NBA All-Stars and five NBA Most Valuable Player Honors. In 1988, he was Defensive Player of the Year. 8)

Most-Awarded Player

Jordan is the most-awarded player in NBA History, past or present. He won all of his six NBA Finals games and was named Finals MVP all six times. 9)

He has never lost three games in a row

At the outset of his career as a professional basketball player, Michael Jordan went on an impressive winning streak for eight years with the Chicago Bulls. At the point, he had no record of losing three games in a row, which is said to be one in 140 chances of victory.10)

Michael Jeffery Jordan

Michael Jordan is also renowned for his name, MJ. Michael Jordan is the fourth child of James R Jordan Sr. and of Deloris Jordan.  Michael Jordan is so famous today that a number of statues have been erected in honor of a player, such as the Spirit Statue in Chicago. 11)


In 1993, a scientist found a new type of salmonella after a patient had been infected and the CDC virus had been tested. Since the doctor was also a big fan of basketball superstar Michel Jordan, he called the newly found Salmonella mjordan virus. 12)

ESPN Athlete of Century

In 1999, Michael Jordan came to the top of the 20th-century list of the best North American athletes of all time. The rating was made on the basis of a poll where fans and the public could vote to rate their favorite players of all time. Michael Jordan ranked first and Babe Ruth, who was a professional baseball player, ranked second. He also ranked above other great athletes, such as Muhammad Ali and Kobe Bryant. 13)

The Number 23

Over the years, Michael Jordan's jersey number has been emblematic of the sporting community. As a result, many competitors even try to have the same number on their jersey as Michael Jordan. In addition, number 23 has a particular significance for Michael Jordan, since this was his high school and college jersey number. 14)

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