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Michael Jackson


Michael Jackson was born on August 29, 1958. 1)

Dreaming Of Spiderman

Jackson desired to portray Spiderman so badly that he attempted to buy Marvel Comics when it declared bankruptcy in order to cast himself as the character. After his goal of playing Spiderman was dashed due to the failed effort to buy Marvel Comics, Jackson sought unsuccessfully to land the part of Professor X in the X-Men film franchise. 2)

Favorite Food

Jackson states that Mexican food was his favorite sort of takeaway. 3)

His Death Crashed The Internet

On the day Jackson died, June 25, 2009, Wikipedia, AOL and Twitter all went down around 3:15 p.m. 4)


Despite having $1 billion in assets at the time of his death, Jackson supposedly owed $500 million in outstanding bills. 5)


Residents of Gabon, on the Ivory Coast, bestowed the title of king on Jackson, giving him royalty in this remote corner of the world. 6)

Llama Love

While many fans are familiar with Jackson's beloved pet llamas, Louis and Lola, they may not be aware that he regularly brought the duo to his Los Angeles recording studio. 7)


Following the accident in the Pepsi commercial, Jackson was so satisfied with the care he got at the Brotman Medical Center in California that he gave $1.5 million to the hospital, culminating in the designation of the “Michael Jackson Burn Center.” 8)

House For Low Price

The Neverland Ranch home was advertised for $100 million in 2015, but was reduced many times before being acquired by the Pittsburg Penguins co-owner for $22 million. 9)

Honorary Director

Jackson was made an honorary director of Exeter City FC after getting close with the club's co-chairman, Uri Geller. 10)

His Sister Claimed He Was a Pedophile

Jackson's own sister LaToya, who is no stranger to controversy, allegedly stated that she believed her brother was a pedophile. 11)


Disney's Pinocchio was the famous singer's favorite cartoon figure of all time. 12)

Two Stars

Jackson has two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame: one for his solo work, and one for his work with the Jackson 5. 13)

Married His Dermatologist’s Nurse

Although everyone knows that Jackson was previously married to Lisa Marie Presley, it is less well known that he was once married to his dermatologist's nurse. 14)

Fearful of Father

Jackson said that he lived in terror of his father, claiming that if he made a mistake when performing in the family band as a youngster, he would hit him with a belt. 15)

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