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Stan Lee Suing Marvel

Stan Lee, who worked for Marvel as a writer for hire, filed a lawsuit against the corporation in 2005 claiming he was harmed by Marvel Comics' choice to hide revenues from him over his 60-year tenure with the firm. 1)

Action Figures Court Case

Due to peculiar legislation in the United States, importing toys that resemble humans is taxed more than those that do not. In court, Marvel successfully claimed that because its X-men action figures are mutants, they should be exempt from the higher tax. 2)

The Punisher Kills The Marvel Universe

The Punisher Kills The Marvel Universe was a 1995 issue of Punisher in which he killed every single Marvel superhero and villain, including himself. 3)


Venom, the Spider-Man villain, was created by fans and purchased by Marvel for $220. 4)

Hulk's Roar

They couldn't get the Hulk's roar to sound right during the making of the Avengers movie, so they opted to augment it with recordings of Lou Ferrigno screaming as the original Hulk. 5)

Squirrel Girl

Squirrel Girl is a Marvel super hero who once defeated Doctor Doom by filling his aircraft with a swarm of squirrels. 6)

Blue Ear

In 2002, a 4-year-old boy with hearing loss refused to wear a hearing aid because “Super heroes don't use hearing aids.” To persuade him to wear his hearing aids, Marvel Comics produced “Blue Ear,” a super hero with a hearing aid. 7)


Throg is a superhero from Marvel. He is a frog with Thor's abilities and a member of the Pet Avengers, a superhero team. 8)


Marvel produced a comic book about “Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Ham” in 1983. He was Peter-Porker, a “Spider-Pig”. 9)

Amalgam Comics

In 1996, Marvel and DC Comics collaborated to develop Amalgam Comics, which combined their two universes, resulting in characters such as Darkclaw (Batman/Wolverine), Super Soldier (Superman/Captain America), and Iron Lantern (Green Lantern/Iron Man). 10)

Asbestos Lady

Asbestos Lady is a Marvel character who stole banks with her accomplices, all of whom wore asbestos-lined clothes. She died of cancer later in life. 11)

Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood collaborated with Marvel Comics in the 1970s to create the craziest Spiderman comic, which cautioned youths from having unprotected sex. 12)

DC Comics

Stan Lee, in addition to writing for Marvel, also created 13 DC comics in which he reinterpreted classic superheroes such as Batman and Superman. 'This series was called Just Imagine'. 13)

Nick Fury And Samuel L Jackson

When the character of Nick Fury was reintroduced into the Ultimate Marvel comics, he was rebuilt to resemble Samuel L Jackson, despite the actor's refusal to allow the use of his picture. It wasn't until Samuel saw his likeness in the comic that he approached Marvel about appearing in any future Marvel films. 14)


Marvel's Deadpool (Wade Wilson) began as a parody of DC's Deathstroke (Slade Wilson). 15)

Mr. Immortal

Mr. Immortal is a Marvel character who has no unique abilities other than immortality. He was shot, smothered, stabbed, drowned, crushed, starved, dehydrated, exploded, poisoned, beheaded, irradiated, and cremated, among other methods. 16)

Damage Control

In the Marvel world, there is a fictitious corporation named “Damage Control.” It specialized in cleaning up the messes made by superheroes and supervillains. 17)

Spider-Man In Avengers

Spider-Man was not included in the Avengers film because Marvel sold the rights to Sony.18)

Spider-Man's Wedding

Spider-Man married Mary Jane in 1987, and Marvel staged a marketing event in Shea Stadium with actors costumed as Spider-Man and Mary Jane getting married. 19)


In the Marvel world, there is a character named Eminem. 20)

Zombies Trademark

Marvel trademarked the term “zombies” from 1975 until 1996. Perhaps realizing that their trademark was unenforceable, they registered Marvel Zombies in 1996. 21)

Comic Awareness

The fourth wall has frequently been shattered in “Deadpool”. (He was aware that he appeared in comic books.) This was because of his “Comic Awareness,” a play on Captain Marvel's “Cosmic Awareness”. 22)


Despite the many Gods who wander the universe, the Marvel Universe was ruled by a single real God known as One-Above-All. 23)


Jihad was established into the Marvel Universe eleven days before the 9/11 events. He was a figure who was hell-bent on conquering the entire planet. 24)

Iron Man As A Challenge

Stan Lee invented Iron Man as a challenge to create a hero who no one should like and push them to like him. 25)

Princess Diana

In 2003, Marvel Comics announced plans to publish 'Di Another Day,' a five-part series starring a revived Diana (The Princess of Wales) as a mutant with abilities. 26)

Darth Vader Inspiration

Darth Vader was inspired by Dr. Doom from Marvel Comics. 27)

Spider Olympics

When time did not permit the creation of a spider costume, the spider that bites Tobey Magquire in 'Spider-Man' was picked following a “Spider Olympics,” and was then painted with body paint. 28)

Irene Adler

Irene Adler (called after the Sherlock Holmes character) was developed by Marvel to be Mystique's lover. Marvel wasn't authorized to depict a gay relationship, so they made them friends before revealing that they were a couple. 29)

First Superhero

Did you think Captain America was the first Marvel superhero? You'd be correct if it weren't for some cunning adjustments. The Human Torch — not Johnny Storm, but an android who could manipulate fire – was Marvel's first hero, initially appearing in Marvel #1 in 1939. 30)

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