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Madagascar Could Have Been A Polish Colony

In the 1930s, the Sea and Colonial League, with the support of the Polish government, demanded overseas colonies, which would be a source of cheap resources and labor. Moreover, it was a place where the Jewish minority could be located. The most realistic was the redemption of Madagascar from France. Surprisingly, the French initially agreed to it! However, the condition was that the island should be visited by Jews not only from Poland but also from other parts of Europe. 1)

The Malagasy Republic

Madagascar was first known as The Malagasy Republic. It was established in 1958 as an autonomous republic of the French Community. It became fully independent in 1960, and in 1975 changed the name to the Democratic Republic of Madagascar. 2)

Biodiversity hotspot

Madagascar has been classified as a biodiversity hotspot by Conservation International. This is because various plants and animals are found nowhere else on Earth, and approximately 90 percent of all species found in Madagascar are endemic. The island is often referred to as the “eighth continent” by ecologists. 3)

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