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Romans founded London

It was the Romans who founded London. Today's British capital is located on the site of a Roman settlement dating back to 43 BC. The settlement was founded when forces led by Emperor Claudius attacked Britain. Cannon Street in London is home to the old Roman center of Londinium marked by the London Stone. 1)

The largest urban agglomeration

Until the UK left the EU, the London conurbation was the largest urban agglomeration of all the conurbations in the European Union countries. More than 14 million people live in the London area. After the exit of the UK from the EU, the honorable title goes to Paris. 2)

Milions of tourists

The city, inhabited by almost 9 million people, receives a gigantic number of tourists every year. London is one of the most-visited cities in the world. In 2018, 20,420,000 tourists visited the city. This is more than in Prague, Vienna, Paris or Amsterdam. 3)

Governments in exile

German troops failed to conquer London during World War II, so it became the seat of government for many of the countries conquered by the Germans. France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway, France and Poland all moved their governments here. 4)

The Tube

The London Underground is the largest subway system in the world. The London Underground was launched on January 10, 1863. The famous Tube consists of 11 lines, 270 stations and around 250 miles of track (402 kilometers). Forty-five percent of the London Underground routes are above ground rather than underground. Every day, 5 million passengers use the Underground in London. 5)

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