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Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill was a widely-read writer. In 1953, he won the Nobel Prize for his many published works, most notably his six-volume work “The Second World War.” 1)

Shakespearen names

William Herschel, the Englishman who discovered Uranus and its first moons, was patriotic about naming. He named Uranus itself George's Star, but the name was later changed. The moons were left with names from the works of Shakespeare and a Pope. 2)

George Bernard Shaw

Irishman George Bernard Shaw was the first person to receive both the Academy Award and the Nobel Prize. He won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1925 and received the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay in 1938. 3)

Balzacian woman

Women played an important role in Balzac's life. He loved for many years and in 1850 married a Polish woman, Ewelina Hańska, in Berdyczów. In his novels, changing the previous literary fashion, he portrayed mature women — that is, women over thirty. This gave rise to the term “Balzacian woman”, derived from the title of Balzac's novel “The Woman of Thirty.” 4)

Horselover Fat

The author's first name “Phillip” comes from the Greek “Philippos” meaning literally “horse-loving;” while Dick in German means “fat.” Horselover Fat is the main character of the novel Valis by Philip K. Dick, the author's alter ego. In the novel Valis, which is his quasi-biography, Dick appears twice: as Phil, a well-known science fiction author, and as Horselover Fat, suffering from depression and possessed of suicidal mania. 5)

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