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Lidl was initially started by a member of the Schwarz family as a food distributor in Germany in the 1930s. 1)

Full Name

The full name of Lidl is Lidl Stiftung & Co. KG. 2)

First Shops

Lidl opened its first shops in 1973. 3)

1977 In Germany

By 1977, Germany had 33 Lidl shops. 4)

Household Name

Lidl became a household name in all of Germany in the 1980s. 5)

Europe Expansion

In the 1990s Lidl started to establish shops all throughout Europe, and now almost every nation in Europe has Lidl shops.6)

Food Retailer

Lidl is currently famous as Europe's major distributor of food products. 7)

Schwarz Group

Today Lidl is one of the leading food retailers in Europe as a member of the Schwarz Group. It has more than 3,100 shops in Germany and more in the rest of Europe.8)


Aldi is Lidl's leading rival. 9)

Lidl In UK

Since Lidl arrived in the United Kingdom in 1994, there have been quick increases in the number of retailers. There are now over 400 retailers, with many others to come. 10)

Future Plans

Lidl plans to take its outlets to other parts of Europe and even construct stores in Canada, Australia and Mexico. 11)

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