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Jet fighter duels

During the Korean War, the first jet fighter duels took place. Matches were fought by MiG-15 and F-86 Sabre pilots. 1)

Korean language

Korean is not related to any other language. Korean is spoken by 78 million people - more than all other isolated languages combined. 2)


The words “four” and “death” have nearly identical pronunciations in Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, and Japanese. Since few people want to live on the “death” floor, many apartment buildings throughout East Asia omit floor four. In the case of high-rise buildings, this often applies to all floors with numbers containing four: 4, 14, 24, 34, and 40-49. 3)


The Haenyeo (women of the sea) are a group of several thousand women living on the South Korean island of Cheng, engaged in seafood fishing in the Yellow Sea. Haenyeo women hunt for octopus, sea urchins, and sea snails by diving to depths of 20-30 m without air cylinders, and equipped only with fins, goggles, and gloves. Dives last 2-3 min, and are performed for 5-7 h, which allows catching about 30 kg of seafood. The average age of Haenyeo women is 60 years, with 98% being over 50 years old. Haenyeo has been listed as a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage. 4)

Metal chopsticks

Far Eastern cultures differ in cuisine and use different chopsticks. Korea uses metal chopsticks accompanied by a spoon. In addition to the differences in utensils, there are other etiquettes for their use. 5)


Koreans have a different system of calculating the age of a person. Each newborn baby, so to speak, is automatically given one year. 6)

Born in December

This nation ages on the same day - after the New Year begins. Therefore, a child born on the last day of December will turn 2 years old on the very next day - the first of January. 7)


A child's first birthday is celebrated lavishly in Korea. It is obligatory for the birthday boy or girl to wear the traditional dol-hanbok costume on that day. 8)


The most recognizable food here is kimchi eaten at any time of the day. 9)

Red ink

For a Korean, a name written in red ink is a sign that the person hiding behind it is dead or about to die. Therefore, one should avoid using a red pen when writing down someone's information because one may be accused of wishing the person's death. 10)

Blood type

Blood is a topic of great importance to the typical Korean. There is a common opinion that blood type determines a person's personality and character. 11)


Seoul, the country's capital, has the most wi-fi access points in the world. 12)

Public toilets

Toilets in Korea are often equipped with a heated toilet seat, as well as special features such as wash-and-dry, colored water, and pleasant sounds when flushing. 13)

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day in Korea is a day set aside for men to celebrate. They are the ones who get gifts, usually sweets, from their girlfriends on that day. 14)

White Day

March 14 is the so-called White Day. Its celebration involves men giving gifts to their sweethearts, and the gift should be more expensive than the one received from a girl on Valentine's Day by at least three times. 15)

Black Day

The sad day of lovers is also celebrated in Korea. It falls on April 14 and is called Black Day. People who do not have a sweetheart or loved one eat black noodles called jjajangmyeon. 16)

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