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Previous Name

The band was originally known as Wicked Lester before changing their name to KISS. In 1971-72, they even produced an album's worth of demos for Epic Records as Wicked Lester, which was never released. Some of these songs would subsequently appear on KISS albums.1)

Knights in Satan's Service

Some anti-rock preachers claimed in the 1970s that KISS stood for Knights in Satan's Service; however, this is not true. 2)

Ken Kelly

Ken Kelly, the artist who created the Destroyer and Love Gun album covers, also did the Blackmore's Rainbow album covers. 3)

Jay Jay French

Jay Jay French, a former Twisted Sister musician, auditioned for the lead guitarist position with KISS in late 1972/early 1973, while the band was still known as Wicked Lester. Ace, on the other hand, got the job despite the fact that Ace auditioned wearing mismatched footwear, one red and one orange. 4)


Their ardent followers are known as the KISS Army, and they began in Indiana in the early 1970s when a local radio station refused to play any KISS songs. Protesting fans referred to themselves as the KISS Army as they marched outside the radio station. 5)

Kissin' Time

The song “Kissin' Time” was not included on the first pressings of KISS' first album. In July 1974, the album was released with the cover, “Kissin' Time,” which was previously a success for Bobby Rydell.6)

Plans For Debut

KISS wanted their debut album's cover to look like Meet The Beatles. 7)

Makeup Issue

Warner Bros. Records threatened to terminate the band's contract if they did not remove their makeup. 8)


Ace Frehley used commercial spray paint to get the silver “Spaceman” appearance for his hair on the KISS artwork, believing that it would wash right out. Ace was incorrect. 9)

KISS Kasket

“Dimebag” Darrell (Pantera/Damageplan) was laid to rest in a “KISS Kasket,” as he desired in his will. “There were a limited number manufactured, and I sent mine to the family of 'Dimebag' Darrell,” Gene Simmons explained. In his testament, he said that he wanted to be buried in a KISS Kasket because he “acquired his rock'n'roll origins by listening to us for some weird reason.” 10)

Peter Criss Audition

Peter Criss traveled to England in the early 1970s to audition for Elton John's backup band. He did not pass the audition. 11)

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

In the 1978 film Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, KISS was offered the role of the Future Villain Band. The band rejected because they were concerned about tarnishing their image. Aerosmith took on the job. 12)

Music From The Elder Door Cover

The door seen on the front cover of Music From The Elder is the entrance of a Methodist church on New York City's Park Avenue. 13)

Ace Frehley Singing

Ace Frehley sings in a horizontal manner! “Every time I've had to record a lead vocal, I've had to do it on my back,” he adds. When I stand up and try to sing, I sometimes can't hit the notes.” 14)

Paul Stanley High School Songs

While still in high school, Paul Stanley composed a number of early KISS songs, including “Firehouse” and “Let Me Know.” 15)

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