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The Kikuyu

The Kikuyu are Kenya's most numerous ethnic group, and today they are the economic and political elite of the country. Their traditional religion is monotheistic, with the god Ngai residing atop Mount Kirinyagi (Mount Kenya). 1)

Chalbi Desert

The Chalbi Desert is a small desert in Marsabit County in northern Kenya, located near the border with Ethiopia. It is located east of Lake Rudolph. The nearest major human habitat is Marsabit. The Kalacha oasis is located within the desert. 2)

Religion in Kenya

The vast majority of Kenya's population is Christian, of which 47 percent consider themselves Protestant and 23 percent Catholic. Islam — the legacy of hundreds of years of trade with Arab merchants — is also quite prevalent in the Indian Ocean area. Interestingly, however, Islam, despite hundreds of years of presence on the coast, has never reached further than a few dozen kilometers into East Africa. 3)


Swahili is a contact language spoken in Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi. Seventy-two percent of its vocabulary comes from Bantu, while 23 percent is Arabic. 4)


The Masai are famous for their distinctive “jumping dance” of warriors. During the dance you must not touch the ground with your heels — you must jump on your toes all the time. 5)

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