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Khan Shatyr

Khan Shatyr is a transparent tent in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, the largest entertainment and shopping center in Central Asia. It has been described as “the world's largest tent.” The 490-foot-high tent with an elliptical base and a 656 ft × 640 ft axis covers an area of 14 hectare. 1)


Almaty was the capital of Kazakhstan from 1991 to 1998. Now the capital is Astana, but Almaty still has the largest number of Kazakhs (1.5 million). 2)


Kazakhstan was one of the last CIS countries to introduce its own monetary unit. In 1995, Kazakhstan opened its own Banknote Factory. One Tenge is equal to 100 Tiyns. 3)

Tallest chimney in the world

The GRES-2 power plant is a thermal power plant located in Yekybastuz, Kazakhstan. It was built in 1987. The installed capacity of the power plant is 1000 MW. It has the tallest chimney in the world measuring 1,214 feet tall, which is higher than the Inco Superstack. 4)


For decades, when Kazakhstan was part of the Soviet Union, there were attempts to limit and eradicate the dominant Islam. After independence, there was a great revival of the national identity of Kazakhs combined with the revival of religion. In just a few years, the number of mosques in the country increased several times. 5)

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