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Jeffrey Dahmer


On May 21, 1960, Jeffrey Dahmer was born at Evangelical Deaconess Hospital in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.1)


Jeffrey Dahmer received his high school diploma from Revere High School in May 1978. He then enrolled at Ohio State University to major in business but was dismissed after the first semester owing to his drinking problem and bad grades.2)

Morrill Tower

Dahmer lived in Morrill Tower, and some locals believe he is still haunting the building.3)

Was In The Army

After dropping out of college, Jeffrey Dahmer joined the army. He received combat medic training at Fort Sam Houston, Texas, and was eventually dispatched to Baumholder, West Germany. He was only in the service for two years before being discharged honorably in March 1981. He was also discharged from the service due to his drunkenness.4)

Preston Davis

Preston Davis, one of the army personnel he tormented, claimed that Dahmer would gloat about his first victim while he was inebriated.5)

First Murder

Jeffrey Dahmer committed his first murder three weeks after graduating from high school. Dahmer killed Steven Hicks, an 18-year-old hitchhiker, by smashing the back of his skull with a dumbbell. Dahmer waited nearly a decade after this criminal encounter before killing his next victim.6)

Younger Brother

David was named by Jeffrey Dahmer, his younger brother. They split up after their parents divorced in 1978. David has little to no knowledge because he officially changed his name to begin a new life. Only their father, Lionel Dahmer, revealed that David already has a job and a family.7)

Dahmer In Lyrics

Many performers inserted references to Jeffrey Dahmer in their lyrics, prompting listeners to condemn their older songs. Eminem's Bagpipes from Baghdad and Must Be the Ganja, Katy Perry's Dark Horse, and Kesha's Cannibal are a few examples.8)

Odd Jobs

Jeffrey Dahmer made a life by doing odd jobs. He worked in a delicatessen in Miami, Florida after serving in the army. Dahmer's subsequent job was as a phlebotomist at the Milwaukee Blood Plasma Center. Dahmer's most recent work was as a mixer at the Ambrosia Chocolate Factory in Milwaukee, where he kept one of his victims' heads in his locker.9)


Aviator glasses are what Jeffrey Dahmer wears. Because many serial killers donned aviator spectacles, this style of eyewear has been dubbed “serial killer glasses”.10)

No Glasses During Trial

He refused to wear his spectacles during the trial, according to his stepmother, because he didn't want to see anyone's face. Only when he was sentenced to 16 consecutive life sentences, or 957 years in jail, did Dahmer wear them.11)

Only Girlfriend

Bridget Geiger was Jeffrey Dahmer's senior prom date, but he abandoned her to meet his lover. Dahmer reappeared three hours later, though, and offered to take Geiger home. Despite Dahmer's mild inebriation, Geiger was safely sent home. A few months later, Dahmer admitted to Geiger that he was gay.12)

John Wayne Gacy Coincidence

On May 10, 1994, Jeffrey Dahmer was christened in jail. On the same day, John Wayne Gacy, another serial murderer, was condemned to death by lethal injection. As if that wasn't enough, a solar eclipse occurred on this day.13)

Needed Alcohol

Jeffrey Dahmer required booze to murder his victims because he didn't want to kill them. In his view, it was only a means to a goal.14)


Budweiser was sued by the relatives of Dahmer's victims. They alleged that the company's marketing contributed significantly to Dahmer's drinking, which resulted in his atrocities.15)

Derf Backderf

Derf Backderf, a high school student of Jeffrey Dahmer, created a graphic novel about him called My Friend Dahmer in 2012, which was adapted into a film directed by Marc Meyers in 2017. It depicted Dahmer's life before to becoming a serial killer, including his loneliness in high school despite his attempts to make friends.16)

Class Clown

During high school, Jeffrey Dahmer was a class clown, photobombing multiple yearbook photographs and pretending to have seizures, which his peers referred to as “doing a Dahmer”.17)

Unsettling Jokes In Prison

Dahmer continued to make unsettling jokes while in prison, transforming his meals into human parts and using ketchup to imitate blood. This made inmates uneasy, and another convict murdered him in 1994.18)


Dahmer administered the medication Halcion to his victims. While working the graveyard shift at the chocolate factory, it was his prescribed sleeping prescription. He would pour it into his victim's drink, and while they were sleeping, he would begin amorous acts such as brain surgery (hoping to transform them into zombies) and devouring them.19)


Dahmer said his victims' flesh tasted like filet mignon.20)

Cultural Obsession

In addition to The Exorcist III, Jeffrey Dahmer was a Star Wars fan. Dahmer even wore yellow contact lenses to look like the Emperor from Star Wars.21)

Oxford Apartments

Oxford Apartments, where Dahmer lived from May 1990 to July 1991, was purchased for $325,000 by the Campus Circle Project, a community revitalization organization. They assisted the inhabitants in finding other residences and destroyed the unit in November 1992.22)

Plans For Memorial

There were proposals to build a memorial for Dahmer's victims, but the mayor of Milwaukee at the time, Cavalier Johnson, vetoed the project out of worry that it might attract individuals with terrible intentions.23)

Dahmer's Fans

The money sent to Dahmer in prison by his supporters totaled $12,000.24)


Taxidermy, or the preservation of an animal's skin, was one of Jeffrey Dahmer's few hobbies when he was younger.25)

Collecting Animal Bones

Jeffrey Dahmer collected animal bones and was enthralled by the noises they created.26)

Dog Frisky

Apart from murdering tadpoles with motor oil, Dahmer did not injure any other animals, especially Frisky, his dog when he was seven years old. Dahmer's pastime was just roadkill.27)

Other 'Normal' Interests

Dahmer also experimented with physical sports such as tennis and joined the high school band.28)

Blue Drum

Jeffrey Dahmer had a blue drum in his apartment room filled with three severed torsos dissolving in acid.29)

Discoveries In Refrigerator

The cops also discovered other horrifying items inside his refrigerator, including skulls, male private parts, and a heart. Dahmer claimed he did this to remember them and keep them company. This also explains why he photographed his victims before, during, and after the crime.30)

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