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Highest-end speakers

JBL, an audio company, makes some of the highest-end speakers and audio products, from small Bluetooth speakers to cars, nightclubs and even studios. The company was founded by the American audio and speaker designer James Bullough Lansing, who set up two audio company names, Altec Lansing and JBL, the latter formed from his initials. 1)

4" Diaphragm Driver

JBL was the first to offer a 4“ diaphragm driver on the market, and this was also the case in the 1950s. It was a compression driver with 375 high-frequency, with a flat response rate of 9kHz. 2)


The first bi-radial studio screen, the 4435, was introduced in 1981 by the company for studio recorders. 3)

High Frequency Diaphragm

In 1982, JBL introduced titanium in high-frequency diaphragms for the first time. 4)


JBL introduced a series of speakers named Cabaret that was widely recognized by the company as the first full line of portable PA systems for music and music stores. The speakers were not only well-known among musicians but also used in numerous clubs, churches and more. 5)

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