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Tempura is a Japanese method of deep-frying food known worldwide. However, it originated from Portuguese recipes in the 1600s occupation of Nagasaki. The Portuguese word meaning “seasoning” is “tempero.” 1).

Japan has one of the world’s lowest crime rates

Over the most recent half-year of 2017, they set a new low in the wake of falling the earlier year underneath the 1,000,000 imprints unexpectedly since the subsequent World War. The homicide pace of 0.3 per 100,000 individuals is among the lowest on the planet, and generally a large portion of Ireland's rate. (In America, where brutal wrongdoing is ascending at its quickest movement since the 1970s, it is more than 5). Weapon passings seldom transcend 10 every year. 2)

Highest number of vending machines in the world

Japan has the most noteworthy number of vending machines per capita in the world. They assume a vital function in Japanese culture and society, and not simply in keeping individuals in large urban areas hydrated. 3)

Pinky promise

Pinky swear or pinky promise supposedly owes its name to Japan. It is said that the Japanese people believe should you break such a promise, you are obligated to cut off your pinky finger. 4)

20 words for "sorry"

In Japanese, “sorry” can be expressed using 20 different words, and the choice of the right one at a given moment depends on the situation; depending on how you are related to a person, you can express your love in five different words. 5)

Unlucky Four

Number four is the Japanese equivalent of the unlucky 13. In Japanese mythology, the number four symbolizes death, so the inhabitants of the Cherry Blossom Country try to avoid it like a fire, to the extent that they even skip it on the buttons in the elevator. It is very rare to find products packed in four. 6)

More pets than kids

There are more small animals, such as rabbits and chinchillas, in Japan than small children. 7)

Extensive manga printing

In Japan, more paper is used for manga printing than for toilet paper. 8)

The importance of slippers

In Japanese culture, an important place is occupied by slippers. They are used not only for walking around the house but also after school, at museums and even in restaurants. The Japanese also have a special kind of slippers which are worn on a visit to the toilet! If you ever come across a row of slippers in Japan, don't think for long, just put them on. 9)

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