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IWC Schaffhausen

IWC Was Founded By An American

IWC watches are manufactured in Switzerland, but the firm was not founded by a Swiss, as most other watch brands are.1)

Florentine Ariosto Jones

Florentine Ariosto Jones, a Boston-born engineer and watchmaker, was an American. In 1868, he journeyed all the way to Switzerland to establish his own watch firm. He'd already decided on a name: “International Watch Co.” He brought with him his expertise of American manufacturing practices, which he hoped to blend with the Swiss watchmaking tradition. The purpose was to manufacture movements and watch parts for the American market, and considering the company's name, it was clear that his goal was to go international all along.2)

IWC was founded in 1868

The IWC brand has a long and rich history, which adds to the allure of the timepieces today. 3)

IWC started in in Schaffhausen

Most Swiss watch firms began in Geneva or the nearby environs, but not IWC. In fact, IWC is the only Swiss watchmaker based in the country's eastern region. Instead, Jones chose to locate his business in the Swiss town of Schaffhausen. This was a long way from Switzerland's watchmaking districts. 4)

The IWC Portuguese

The classic Portugeiser watch from IWC was created for two Portuguese businessmen, as the name suggests. On February 22, 1939, however, the first IWC Portuguese watch was sent to a watch wholesaler in Odessa, Ukraine. The businessmen who ordered the watch desired a timepiece with the precision of maritime chronometers. However, the first Portuguese watch will arrive in Portugal in 1942. 5)

Most Of IWC’s Cases Are Made In-house

Previously, IWC made all of its watch casings in-house, but due to the enormous demand for the watches and, most likely, to reduce production costs, sections of the process have been outsourced. 6)

Probus Scafusia

Probus Scafusia is IWC's motto, which translates as “excellent, solid craftsmanship from Schaffhausen.” This was established as the official motto of the IWC in 1903, and it is still the motto of the IWC today. 7)

First Digital Watch

In 1885, IWC produced its first digital watch, the Pallweber.8)

Schaffhausen was bombed in 1944

The United States Army Air Forces dropped a bomb on the town of Schaffhausen due to a clerical error. On April 1, 1944, a bomb was dropped on IWC's plant, however it did not detonate. However, flames from neighboring explosives reached the factory. 9)

LMH Group

Günter Blümlein, the director of IWC, formed the LMH Group, which has its headquarters in Schaffhausen. This held a one hundred percent ownership in IWC.10)

IWC Was Acquired By Richemont

Richemont, a luxury goods conglomerate, purchased IWC in July 2000 for CHF 2.8 billion. 11)

Iwc Began Keeping Records For Each Watch That Left The Manufacture In 1885

From 1885 onwards, IWC began keeping precise records for each and every watch that left the manufacture. This comprised the movement, the case, and the materials. Furthermore, IWC has maintained spare components for all of its models and claims to be able to maintain and repair every watch it has produced since 1868. 12)

Iwc Moved Into Its Own Factory In 1875

Initially, IWC did not have its own factory, but in 1875, IWC purchased a hydroelectric enterprise on the Rhine's banks. To meet the expansion of the IWC brand, this plant provided room for 300 people. 13)

Johannes Rauschenbach-Vogel

Johannes Rauschenbach-Vogel purchased IWC in 1880. IWC was run for four generations by Johannes Rauschenbach-family. Vogel's Dr. Carl Jung, by marriage, would later join the board of directors. 14)

First Pilot Watch

Today, IWC produces many Pilot's watches that are legendary for their style and size, and IWC produced its first Pilot's watch in 1936. This is the large Pilot model, which is still manufactured today.15)

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