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Joash was the crowned king of Judah (836-796 BC), being the only surviving son of Ahaziah after the murder of the royal family on the orders of his grandmother. When he came to the throne he was 7 years old and ruled for 40 years. 1)


Athaliah was the daughter of the Israelite king Ahab and the Phoenician princess Isabel, self-proclaimed queen of Judea from 841 BC. The only woman to rule in Judah. She came to power by causing the death of all the royal children of the House of David except her grandson Joash. The heroine of the tragedy by J. Racine's tragedy entitled, “Atalia”. 2)


Belvoir is a Crusader fortress rising above the Jordan Valley, south of Lake Tiberias in northern Israel. It is the best-preserved Crusader fortress in Israel. Its site is protected by a national park created for this purpose. The Franconian knights called the castle Burg Belvoir (English: Beautiful View) or le Coquet (English: Cocquet). This name refers to the magnificent panorama of the Jordan Valley from the fortress. 3)

Khan al-Umdan

In the Old City of Akko, there are several historic caravanserais that once housed merchant caravans. One of them is located at the port of Akka (Israel), dating from 1784 Khan al-Umdan. It was erected on the ruins of the royal customs house from the Crusader times. The courtyard is decorated with granite columns brought from Roman Caesarea. They gave the caravanserai its name - Khan of Columns or Khan of Pillars (Arabic: Khan al-Umdan). 4)


Yiddish developed around the 10th century in southern Germany from a local German dialect. The Romance borrowings in Yiddish indicate that the Jews who came to Germany spoke a variant of Old French or Italian. 5)

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