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Iron Maiden

English heavy metal band

Iron Maiden is an English heavy metal band from Leyton, East London, founded in December 1975 by bassist and principal composer Steve Harris. The other group members are Bruce Dickinson, Janick Gers, Steve Harris, Nicko McBrain, Dave Murray and Adrian Smith. 1)

The band once stopped to play an impromptu gig at a wedding in Poland

Iron Maiden came to a concert in Poznan Arena. Musicians stayed overnight at the hotel Merkury and as true heavy metal musicians, they decided to drop out for a drink. The closest active restaurant (remember this was 1984), Adria, was located right next to the hotel and Poznan Fair. A guest recognized them and asked for a quick show for the bride and groom. 2)

The band flies their own plane

The name of this jumbo jet is a word game that combines the term “Air Force One” belonging to the President of the United States and “Eddie” of the group's mascot. Bruce Dickinson is also president and co-founder of Cardiff Aviation. 3)

Bruce Dickinson

The singer Bruce Dickinson isn't only one of the unequaled incredible metal entertainers, he's a certified pilot (flying the band to gigs on their Ed Force One personal private jet), an author, a broadcaster and a skilled fencer who was once ranked seventh in Britain. 4)

Nicko McBrain

McBrain was drumming at age 10, playing on his mom's cooker with anything that could fill in as drumsticks, including knitting needles. 5)

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