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The Inuit

Eater of raw meat

The name “Eskimo” means an eater of raw meat. This term, commonly used in Alaska, has no negative overtones, while in Canada or Greenland it is considered offensive. Therefore, in Canada, the word “Inuit”(people) is used to describe northern indigenous people and in Greenland - Kalaallisut. 1)


The Inuit live in a unique house made of snow called an Igloo. This is half the truth. The snow house is called an Igloo. However, an Inuit does not live in an Igloo forever. It is a temporary home, an ice block structure with a hole in it. Igloos are temporary winter homes that provide the Inuit with shelter while hunting.2)


The materials used by the Inuit to build their homes change depending on where they live. In most cases, the skin of land and sea animals is used to create shelters. 3)


The Inuit live in a cold environment, mostly near the oceans. Of course, fish is their staple meal. They rely on the meat of snow and sea animals. They have a hard time finding fruits or vegetables. Seals and polar bears are part of their food. 4)


Most Inuit living in the snow world in modern times have converted to Christianity. 5)


The Inuit, who almost rely on meat, remains one of the healthiest people groups in the world. 6)

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