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First Skyscraper

The first skyscraper in history was constructed in Chicago, Illinois, in 1885.1)

Railroad Miles

Texas is the only other state with more railroad miles than Illinois (9,980).2)

Famous People

Famous Illinoisans include Harrison Ford, Walt Disney, Robin Williams, Betty White, Ronald Reagan, Barack Obama, and Betty.3)

13th Amendment

On February 1, 1865, Illinois became the first state to approve the 13th Amendment.4)

Shedd Aquarium

In Chicago, the Shedd Aquarium is home to some 32,000 creatures.5)

Nabisco Factory

The biggest bakery in the world is located in Illinois at the Nabisco Factory.6)

Barbed Wire

In the 1870s, Illinoisan Joseph Glidden of DeKalb created barbed wire.7)

Pumpkin Capital

The world's pumpkin capital is Morton, Illinois. The area claims to generate 82% of the canned pumpkin consumed worldwide.8)

Nuclear Power

More nuclear power facilities are located in Illinois than any other state in the union.9)


Popcorn is the official treat of Illinois. Popcorn topped in cheese and caramel is combined to create Chicago-style popcorn.10)


Zippers, red Solo cups, dishwashers and brownies are among the inventions made in Illinois.11)


South American wild parakeets have settled in Chicago, Illinois.12)

River Flowing Backwards

One of the rare rivers in the world that flows the other direction is the Chicago River. The river used to flow northward into Lake Michigan, but engineers changed its course such that it now flows southward into the Mississippi River basin. The reversal significantly reduced cholera and typhoid epidemics since Chicago relied on Lake Michigan for its drinking water.13)

French Word

The “s” is silent since “Illinois” is a French word.14)

Civil War

Although there were no significant engagements fought in Illinois during the Civil War, more than 250,000 soldiers from the state served the Union.15)

Museum of Science and Industry

The biggest pinball machine in the world and a tiny castle may be seen at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.16)

Land Of Lincoln

The moniker “Land of Lincoln” for Illinois comes from the 31 years that President Abraham Lincoln spent there.17)

Violence For Training

Chicago is a famous training ground for military physicians learning how to treat gunshot wounds due to the city's high level of crime.18)

State Flower

The violet is Illinois' official flower.19)

Heatwave In 1995

Chicago had a severe heatwave in 1995 that resulted in hundreds of fatalities. With nearly 700 fatalities over a 5-day period, it was one of Illinois' greatest weather-related tragedies.20)

Bird Migration

5 million migratory birds travel through Chicago twice a year. To prevent the birds from being lost and dying at that period, the city's skyscrapers turn off their lights at night.21)

Murder Castle

In Chicago, H.H. Holmes constructed a murder castle. There, he may have killed 200 people.22)

Name Meaning

Illinois means “average speaker” in the name.23)

Ferris Wheel

The first Ferris wheel was created in Chicago.24)

Largest Bottle Of Catsup

The biggest bottle of catsup in the world is located in Illinois.25)

First McDonald's

Des Plaines, Illinois, was home to the original McDonald's.26)


In River Forest, Illinois, in 1930, the first twinkies were created.27)


Illinois has about 80% cropland.28)


On December 3, 1818, Illinois became the 21st state in the union and was formally admitted as a state.29)

World's Largest Public Library

The biggest public library in the world is located in Chicago, Illinois.30)

Top Industries

The major industries of Illinois include manufacturing, agriculture, oil production, and coal mining.31)

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