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Super Strechy Pants

How else would his trousers stay on once his other garments had been pulled off? But the Hulk's underpants isn't just any elastic material; they're custom-made by one of the Fantastic Four (Reed Richards). 1)

Gamma Radiation Is Real

Gamma radiation, unlike vibranium, adamantium, and other elements of superhero technology, is a very real phenomenon. It can originate from space and even mutate and modify DNA, but in the actual world, this generally results in horrifying harm rather than extraordinary power. 2)

Hulk Bored

Bruce Banner transforms into the Hulk in the Ultimate Universe because The Ultimates have no one else to fight. 3)

Hulk Was Insanely Jealous

In the same story, Bruce was tremendously envious of his ex-girlfriend Betty Ross's date with Freddie Prinze Jr. The crazy Hulk attempts to track down Freddie in order to devour him, and the team must intervene to put an end to his rampage. It's a good thing. Freddie Prinze Jr. does not appear to be appetizing. 4)


The Illuminati, posing as Hulk's allies, sent him into orbit to destroy a satellite, believing it was the best way to control him. 5)


He was launched to space and landed on the planet Sakaar, which Hulk quickly controlled. The Hulk then assembled an army and returned to Earth to exact vengeance on The Illuminati for having sent him away in the first place. 6)

Hulk Sees Dead People

Among his numerous skills are a few that aren't well known, such as the capacity to breathe underwater via a specialized gland and the ability to sense ghosts, which made him one of the few characters who could see Doctor Strange in his astral form. 7)

Red Hulk

To rekindle interest in the character, Marvel produced a new series featuring a vicious and nasty Red Hulk who did heinous things like steal the Silver Surfer's surfboard (the cad!). In one of the most mocked comic book discoveries of all time, the Red Hulk's identity was revealed to be General Ross. 8)

More Hulks

Betty Ross and Rick Jones, long-time Hulk pals, were also transformed into Hulks. 9)

Name Changed To David

When the Hulk received his own TV program in 1978, they altered Bruce Banner's initial name to David because, according to the show's creator, having a character with an alliterative name was implausible, conveniently ignoring that Bruce Banner was played by Bill Bixby. 10)

Several Incarnations

Hulk has had several incarnations over the years, including Joe Fixit, a Vegas mafia enforcer, “The Professor,” a clever version of the Hulk, and a crazy Hulk who had to stay furious to avoid returning to a demented Banner. 11)


The Hulk was fused with Solomon Grundy in a rare DC/Marvel Universe crossover to form Skulk, a villain that worked for Dr. Strangefate (a mixture of Doctor Strange and Dr. Fate). 12)

Lou Ferrigno

The bodybuilder who played the Hulk, Lou Ferrigno, has actually been involved in every live-action Hulk adaptation ever made, including a cameo appearance in Ang Lee's Hulk, The Incredible Hulk, and as the Hulk's voice in “Avengers: Age of Ultron”. 13)

Richard Kiel

Despite the fact that Lou Ferrigno has become synonymous with the Hulk, he nearly lost the role to Richard Kiel, who played the fearsome Bond villain “Jaws”. Kiel was fired because he wasn't hefty enough for the job. 14)

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger was also considered for the job, but was turned down because he was too short (6'2“ to Ferrigno's 6'5”). 15)

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