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Hollywood's previous name

The place was Cahuenga Valley before being called Hollywood.1)

Hollywood's creator

J. Whitley is known as the “Father of Hollywood.” Born in Canada, he became a naturalized citizen of the United States in the 1870s.2)

First film studio

The first Hollywood film studio was Nestor Studio, located in a roadhouse at 6121 Sunset Blvd. in 1911, by New Jersey's Centaur Co.3)

Hollywood sign

A real estate developer put in place the world-famous Hollywood sign in 1923. It was initially planned to remain in position to advertise properties for 18 months. It initially read “Hollywoodland.” The sign stayed in place long after it was intended to be removed, and the word “land” was removed in 1949.4)

Hollywood Freeway chickens

Since the 1970s, Hollywood has had a population of feral chickens living under a highway. Nobody knows how they got there and all attempts have failed to eliminate them. 5)

Neil Armstrong and the Apollo XI

Neil Armstrong and the Apollo XI crew have moons on the Hollywood Walk of Fame instead of stars. 6)

Walk of Fame

The idea for the Hollywood Walk of Fame came first from the voluntary president of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, Stuart, in 1953. 7)

Capitol Records Building

The flickering light atop the Capitol Records Tower spells out in Morse code the word “Hollywood,” and has done so since the opening of the building in 1956. 8)

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