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Hideo Kojima

Net Worth

Hideo Kojima is worth more than $30 million.1)

Favorite Films

Kojima has deservedly earned the title of auteur. 2001: A Space Odyssey, Blade Runner, High and Low, Mad Max 2, and Taxi Driver are among his favorites.2)

Watching Films As A Child

Kojima's passion for film dates back to his boyhood. Both of his parents were avid moviegoers who supported Kojima's interest to the point that he wasn't even permitted to go to bed before the film concluded.3)

Death Stranding

It has you controlling Sam, a courier who connects remote settlements using a wireless communications network. Initially perplexing, Kojima has later explained that the game is about loneliness and striving to “heal” it.4)

Inspiration Behind Death Stranding

Kojima has revealed that both Trump's election and Britain's withdrawal from the EU influenced his 2019 game.5)

Like Orwell And Huxley

Hideo Kojima, like George Orwell and Aldous Huxley, has been acclaimed for his prescient work. Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (2001), for example, had a plot that dealt with post-war politics, fake news, AI-generated newsfeeds, and other data-related anxieties. In ten years, these ideas have dominated – and continue to dominate – political discourse.6)

Lost His Father Young

Kojima's father died while he was just 13 years old. Throughout his childhood, he had several near-death experiences.7)

Dreamed About Becoming A Film Producer

Kojima aspired to be a film producer when he was younger. He was involved in the production of a zombie film for a school festival. Unfortunately, his companions' lack of desire and limited cash drove him away from movies.8)

Game Creator In Japanese?

When Kojima began his gaming career, there was no such thing as a Japanese word for game creator. To get past this, he just pretended to work for a financial business.9)

Social Media

According to Kojima, social media mirrors our era of individualism: we are all linked, but always competing.10)

Game Debut

Kojima made his debut appearance in the gaming business as an assistant director on Penguin Adventure.11)

Super Mario Bros

Kojima purchased a Famicom while studying Economics in university. The legendary Super Mario Bros. was his favorite game. He later characterized it as “the game that altered my life”. This game was crucial in him forging a link between movies and gaming as creative forces.12)


Konami was Kojima's first employment in the gaming business. He went with Konami since it was the only game developer he could find on the Japanese stock exchange. He felt that having it there would make his work slightly more reputable, given the gaming business was looked frowned upon at the time.13)

Paul Auster

He used to write short tales as a kid and has seen some similarities between Metal Gear Solid 2 and Paul Auster's The New York Trilogy.14)

Taking Over Metal Gear

In 1987, Kojima was requested to take over the Metal Gear project. The team desired a combat-focused game but struggled to make it work on the constrained hardware. Kojima opined that the game could be more concerned on avoiding battle. This brilliant concept was inspired by The Great Escape. The game was welcomed with great enthusiasm.15)

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