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Heavy Metal


The term “AC/DC” refers for “Alternating Current/Direct Current.” For those of you who are perplexed, Angus and Malcolm Young received their moniker from a sewing machine operated by their older sister. They loved how the “AC/ DC” looked on the side of the appliance and decided to use it on their own. 1)


AC/DC was founded in late 1973 by the Scottish-born Australian brothers Angus and Malcolm Young, who played lead and rhythm guitars, respectively. They were joined by Dave Evans, drummer Colin Burgess, and bassist Larry Van Kriedt to create the band's original lineup. 2)


AC/albums DC's have sold over 200 million copies globally. In the United States, around 70 million of them albums were sold. 3)

British heavy metal band

Judas Priest is a British heavy metal band founded in 1969 in Birmingham, England, known mainly for its two leading guitars and its singer's powerful voice. The band's sales of their release formats have reached 50 million albums worldwide. 4)

Judas Priest is the longest-running heavy metal band

Judas Priest was formed in 1969, and since Black Sabbath disbanded in 2017, Judas Priest is the longest-running heavy metal band (51 years). 5)

Death Magnetic

Metallica's album Death Magnetic (2008) has been named the loudest ever by a mastering expert. It was mixed by Rick Rubin. 6)

St. Anger

St. Anger is Metallica's first and only album to not have guitar solos. This album is also notorious for its snare drum sound, which is often compared to playing on pots and pans. It was also recorded around the time when Metallica almost disbanded. Bob Rock was responsible for mixing this album and saving the band. 7)

Guiness World Record

Metallica was added to the Guinness Book of Records. It was the first band in history to play on seven continents in one calendar year. It happened in 2014. 8)

Name Ideas

Before settling on a name, Guns N' Roses seriously contemplated the names “Heads of Amazon” and “AIDS.” 9)

Appetite for Destruction

Guns N' Roses embarked on a 16-month international tour following the success of Appetite for Destruction. They opened for bands like The Cult, Iron Maiden, and Aerosmith, and their popularity skyrocketed along the way. In the instance of Aerosmith, they were approached for a feature by Rolling Stone, but to their surprise and rage, their opening act was the one who made the magazine's cover! 10)


Def Leppard's fifth album, 'Adrenelize,' was released on March 31, 1992, and became a huge smash in both the UK and the US. 11)

Guinness World Record

On October 23rd, 1995, Def Leppard broke into the Guinness Book of World Records by doing three 45-minute concerts on three separate continents. 12)

Jimmy Page and Occultism

Prior to his breakthrough with Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page dabbled in the dark arts and even ran an occult bookshop and publishing firm, The Equinox Booksellers and Publishers on London's Kensington High Street. The four symbols on the fourth album's sleeve were supposed to be Satanic symbols. 13)

Hendrix Didn't Like Zeppelin

According to a former bandmate, Hendrix disliked Led Zeppelin, claiming the band “borrowed” from other bands. 14)

Fans Of Tolkien

There aren't many bigger Tolkien fans than Zeppelin, whose songs “The Battle of Evermore,” “Ramblin' On” (with references to Gollum and Mordor) and “Carouselambra” were all odes to the Lord of the Rings. 15)


Motorhead found its stride with 1979's magnificent “Overkill” album, which has one of the most popular cover designs by veteran artist Joe Petagno, who astonishingly pulled it out in less than two pressure-packed weeks. 16)


The song “Dancing on Your Grave” by Motorhead influenced the name of Brazil's most famous heavy metal band. They loved the way the word “grave” sounded in Portuguese after translating the song's title: Sepultura. 17)

"Killed By Death" Video

No Lemmys were hurt in the production of the classic “Killed by Death” video from 1984: A stuntman was recruited to drive the Harley Davidson through walls and out of the grave. 18)

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