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Accuracy Augmentation

Hawkeye was born with a mentality that was somewhat different from the rest of the world's. He possesses “accuracy augmentation”, which essentially means he can use any projectile weapon and nearly never miss, even if he can't see the target. 1)


Hawkeye is unable to wield Mjolnir, but he is unconcerned since Thor is unable to draw his bow. 2)


Olympic archers helped Jeremy Renner prepare for the role of Hawkeye. 3)


Hawkeye once summoned his inner Bullseye and killed someone with a playing card. 4)

Debate With Spiderman

Spiderman and Hawkeye once debated whether In-N-Out or Five Guys had tastier burgers. 5)

Cameo In Captain America

Hawkeye first appeared in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, where he alerted Captain America to the presence of a tracker in his costume. Due to schedule difficulties with Jeremy Renner, the sequence was deleted. 6)


He's pulled out his own fingernails and used them as lethal missiles. 7)


In the comics, Hawkeye is an ambidextrous archer. In Thor, Jeremy Renner solely used his right hand to shoot. 8)

Rescue From A Mugger

He once rescued Jarvis' mother and himself from a mugger. In exchange, Jarvis welcomed Hawkeye to the Avengers Mansion to assist Clint in gaining the trust of the Avengers. 9)


He's a superb fencer, acrobat, and marksman who was raised in the circus and by crooks Trick Shot and Swordsman. 10)


Hawkeye possesses amazing strength, as a villain discovered when he tried to use his bow and discovered that he couldn't draw the string back far enough to shoot an arrow. 11)

Training From Captain America

Captain America has taught him tactics, martial skills, and hand-to-hand fighting. 12)


He is skilled with ranged weaponry, particularly the bow and arrow, and carries a quiver with a variety of customized trick arrows. In his capacity as Ronin, Barton demonstrates exceptional skill with the katana and other martial weapons. 13)


Hawkeye is well-known for his ability to transform any thing into a weapon. He's been spotted utilizing tin plates, coins, sticks, and other rubbish to great effect on his opponents. 14)


For mobility, he rides a Sky-Cycle. The Sky-Cycle is based on a commercial snowmobile and has anti-gravitational technology. It can also be controlled by speech and features autopilot steering. 15)

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