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World's Smallest Guitar

The smallest playable guitar in the world is only 10 microns long, which is about the size of a red blood cell. It has six strings, each of which is around 100 atoms wide. It can be played by focusing lasers on the strings. 1)

Fender Guitars Played By The Best

Buddy Holly, Jimi Hendrix, Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Kurt Cobain were among well-known guitarists who used Fender guitars.2)

Leo Fender

The creator of the business that produces Fender electric guitars, Leo Fender, never studied the instrument.3)

Hawaiian Guitar

The electric lap-steel variants that were widely utilized during the Hawaiian music boom of the early 1940s are also known as “Hawaiian guitars”.4)

Terz Guitar

The pitch of Terz guitars is one third higher than that of conventional acoustic guitars.5)

Best Guitarists By Rolling Stones

The top three guitarists of all time, according to Rolling Stones magazine, are Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, and Jimi Hendrix.6)

Average Cost

Currently, a guitar will run you about $600.7)

Ancestor From Spain

Spanish craftsmen most likely created the present guitar's precursor in the 16th century.8)

Four Strings Before Six

Instead of six strings, the first acoustic guitars were created with four strings hundreds of years ago.9)

Standard Tuning

The notes E-A-D-G-B-E make up a guitar's basic tuning.10)

Strings Material

Three strings of a classical guitar are made of metal, while three are nylon or silk.11)

Most Expensive Guitar

Kurt Cobain's acoustic-electric guitar from MTV Unplugged, which was bought for $6.01 million in 2020, was the most expensive instrument ever sold.12)

Classical Methods

In the 19th century, classical guitar methods were developed to allow guitarists to perform works by classical composers like Bach and Mozart.13)

Used Seriously For Concert Pieces

Only in the 20th century did composers start to produce guitar concertos that were truly serious.14)

Guitar In Jazz

The guitar has always been regarded as a part of the rhythm section in jazz music.15)


The guitar frequently plays three separate parts in an ensemble in contemporary popular music: lead, rhythm, and bass.16)

Electric Pickups

In the 1920s, electric pickups were initially incorporated to acoustic guitars.17)

Les Paul Without Soundbox

Due to its lack of a soundbox, Les Paul created the first solid-body guitar that required an electric amplifier to communicate the sounds of its vibrating strings.18)

Guitar Hero

The Guitar Hero video game series has 7 games in it's main editions.19)

Andrew W.K Guitars

The “pizza guitar” and “the taco guitar”, two electric versions with bodies shaped like food, were created and played by guitarist Andrew W.K.20)

Longest Guitar Solo

In 2012, David DiDonato established the record for the longest guitar solo ever performed by playing nonstop for more than 24 hours on his guitar.21)


The “nanoguitar” is the tiniest guitar ever created, being about the size of a single living cell. The six strings of the instrument, each around the breadth of 100 atoms, are constructed of crystalline silicone.22)

Playing Guitar In Space

Over the years, astronauts stationed in the International Space Station have hauled guitars up with them; playing the instruments in zero-G requires a few additional body straps.23)

Eric Clapton Collection

Although it is uncertain precisely how many guitars Eric Clapton presently has and he has auctioned off a number of them to raise money for different causes, his collection is still thought to be among the most spectacular in the whole world.24)

First Guitar Smash

Pete Townshend of The Who was the first rock and roll guitarist to accidently crash his guitar into a low ceiling while performing in 1964, which led to its destruction.25)

Electric Guitar From Colored Pencils

A full-sized, playable electric guitar made out of 1200 colored pencils took an American musician and enthusiast around 5 weeks and $500 to complete. 26)

Guitar Building

The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino's 34-story structure in Seminole, Florida, is designed to resemble the body of an enormous neon-aqua guitar.27)

Terence Hansen

Terence Hansen, an American guitarist, is well known for using a unique guitar with two necks—one acoustic and one electric.28)


On both the Guitar Hero and Rock Band video games, the hardest songs to perform were composed by the same band, Dragonforce.29)

Luna Guitars

In order to better match the curvature of a woman's torso, the Luna Guitars manufacturing firm creates guitars with moulded curves.30)

Guitars Famous For Names

There are several guitars known for the names their owners gave them, including “Blackie” and “Brownie” (belonging to Eric Clapton), “Lucille” (belonging to B.B. King), “Trigger” (belonging to Willie Nelson), and “Micawber” (Keith Richards)31)

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