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Giordano Bruno

Respected Renaissance figure

Giordano Bruno was a well-known and respected Renaissance philosopher, humanist, Hermetic philosopher and occultist. Initially, he was also a priest in the Dominican order. 1)

Imprisoned by the Inquisition

His hypotheses on issues such as the universality of life in the universe, or his strong support for heliocentrism and the belief in reincarnation were the reason why Giordano Bruno was imprisoned by the Inquisition in 1592. 2)

Symbol of a rationalistic attitude

To this day, the figure of Giordano Bruno is considered a symbol of a rationalistic attitude and determined courage in the search for the truth about life and eternal matters. 3)

Burned at stake

Bruno refused to retract his previously held views and was burned at the stake in Rome's Campo di Fiori square. His ashes were thrown into the Tiber River. 4)


In 1572 Bruno became a priest and in 1575 he was awarded a doctorate in theology. 5)

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