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Gianni Versace

Shot dead

In the summer of 1997, Gianni Versace, returning from a stroll along Ocean Drive in Florida, was shot dead by a serial killer outside his Miami Beach mansion. 1)

Andrew Cunanan

Andrew Cunanan, who killed Versaci, committed suicide days later and his body was found on a boat. Police determined that Cunanan shot himself with the same gun he used to kill Gianni Versace. 2)


In 1973 he became the designer of “Byblos,” Genna's youthful line. After working with Florentine Flowers, Gianni began to work as a freelancer for De Parisini and several other companies famous in Northern Italy, among others. 3)

Via Della Spiga

In 1978, the first presentation store was opened in Milan — Via Della Spiga. After the success of the first collections, the Versace brand became one of the most important brands in the fashion world. He introduced metal elements, which were later a specific element of his own brand. 4)

The Big Picture

Elton John dedicated the album The Big Picture, released in 1997, to the designer.5)

Moltrasio cemetery on Lake Como

Versace's ashes were interred in the Moltrasio cemetery on Lake Como in Italy. 6)

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