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Georgia (Country)


Shkhara is the highest peak in Georgia and the third highest peak in the Caucasus, measuring 16,627 feet above sea level. Shkhara is the highest part of the great rock wall, the so-called Bezingi Wall. It rises to a height of up to two kilometers above the base. The first conquerors of the peak were the British John Garford Cockin and his Swiss guides Ulrich Almer and Christian Roth in September 1888. 1)


Supra is a traditional Georgian feast, with which a set of rituals is connected. Supra is a background for all important events in Georgian life. It is also a symbol of the hospitality of Georgian society. The course of supra is supervised by a tamada, the master of ceremonies. He gives rhyming toasts and makes sure that there is enough food and wine on the table. 2)


Kutaisi (ancient names: Aea/Aia, Kutaisi) is a city in western Georgia on the Rioni River. It is the third-largest city in Georgia. Since 2012 it is the seat of the Parliament of Georgia. In Greek mythology, it appears as Ai, a city in Colchis, where Jason and the Argonauts went to get the Golden Fleece. Katie Melua, a British singer of Georgian origin, was born in Kutaisi. 3)

Krubera Cave

The deepest caves in the world are Veriovkina Cave and Krubera Cave. Both are located in Georgia (Abkhazia) in the Arabika Massif. 4)


Chacha (Georgian: ჭაჭა) is Georgian alcohol produced from grape marc. It is equivalent to Italian grappa. The drink contains 40-50 percent alcohol by volume (occasionally up to 60 percent). 5)

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