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French Fries

17th century Belgium

The first mention of French fries dates back to 17th century Belgium. Inhabitants of towns located on the Moselle River ate small fish fried in fat. In winter, when the river froze over, they replaced their staple food with potatoes cut into posts so that they resembled their favorite dish. 1)

The French way

The belief that French fries originated in France comes from American President Thomas Jefferson, who served fried potato bars in the White House, saying that it was the French way. That's why French fries are called so in the English language. 2)

Saratoga Fries

French fries, or, judging from the way the dish was prepared, potato chips, were invented in the town of Saratoga Springs in 1853. According to an anecdote, they were invented by an American of Indian origin: George Crum, who was a chef at one of the local clubs. The dish he prepared, which consisted of sliced and fried potatoes, came back twice from a customer claiming that the potatoes were too thick. The enraged chef sliced the potatoes so thin that when fried they became crispy and tender. The dish delighted the capricious customer and other guests of the restaurant, making it famous. From then on it was called Saratoga fries. 3)

Around the world

The British love French fries so much that they consider this dish, served together with fried fish, to be their national heritage. It is, of course, the famous fish and chips. In Belgium, fries are added to almost every dish, including stews. According to tradition, they should be fried in beef fat because vegetable oil completely changes their taste. Many countries prepare this dish in their own fashion — for example, in Greece, one can eat fries with feta cheese, whereas in America you can find chili cheese fries. 4)

Unfortunate ingredient

Ranch dressing, or farmer's sauce, used as a topping for French fries (as well as fish and salads) shares an ingredient with paint. We are talking specifically about titanium oxide IV, known as E171. It occurs in the form of a white powder, which is used as a pigment in the manufacture of plastics, paper, paints and enamels, as well as cosmetics and household chemicals. 5)

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