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National Fire Department Registry

There is a list of fire departments at the National Fire Department Registry. Registration is voluntary, yet as of today (November 2020), there are 27,182 departments listed, which is about 91 percent of all fire departments in the USA. 1)

Prison inmates fighting wildfires

Between 30 percent to 40 percent of firefighters in California's state fire department, which fights many of the wildfires across the state, are prison inmates. 2)

Red paint

One theory is that in the days of volunteer fire departments red paint was the cheapest, so the traditional red that was used to paint the trucks was adopted and is still a tribute to firefighters today. The red is distinct and eye-catching, confirming the theory that fire engines should stand out on the street. 3)

First firefighter sirens

Dalmatians were the first firefighter sirens. In the days when fire engines were still horse-drawn, the dogs ran in front of them and barked loudly to make room for everyone to pass. Today, sirens on the roof of a fire engine do the same. Dalmatians can still be found in fire stations, but only for the sake of tradition. 4)

First fire department

In the 18th century, the first attempts were made to organize fire protection. The first fire department in this form was established in Vienna in 1685. 5)

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